Since the beginning of Appsfire Ad Network, our goal was to push the boundaries of how ads should be implemented on mobile applications (and consequently to kill the crappy banners like this one, or this one, or this one...), so we launched several native & innovative ad formats: Sushi v1 & v2, Ura Maki, Sashimi, Udon Noodle, and Chirashi.


If we certainly want to kill the banner as it exists, it does not mean the banner cannot work when built right.

The next logical step was to apply what we […]Read more


Today marks a new beginning for Appsfire as we’re joining Mobile Network Group, one of the fastest growing mobile ad tech companies in Europe.

About a year ago, we took a big bet with Appsfire and decided to leave our prior app discovery activities and focus on developing innovative and native advertising technologies for the new generation of mobile apps. We wanted to make ads look better, perform better and suck a little less. We quickly started to attract interest from the market and to power in-app monetization for hundreds of apps including some of the largest in the world.

Today, we’re happy to announce Mobile Network Group has acquired Appsfire. As an ad […]Read more


This week i had the opportunity to lead an interesting debate at the Influencers series in the presence of many thought leaders from small and large corporations in Silicon Valley. I chose for this occasion to discuss the current status of native advertising and the dark zone in which it evolves.

This may sound counter intuitive as all the indicators and media buzz point to a glowing future for Native Advertising, which we’re told should raise soon 5 billion dollars in spend.


Spending On Native Ads Will Soar As Publishers And Advertisers Take Notice Business Insider

So how something so promising and rising, can be in such bad shape?

For this you have to take another set of glasses and look carefully at […]Read more


At Appsfire, our goal is to push app developers to consider advertisement as a product and help them to implement it properly in their applications.

We encourage them to use native ad formats such as Sushi or Sashimi. These formats allow the developers to keep control of their apps without compromising the monetisation.

A great integration is a way to respect your users – it’s a win-win situation: 1- Users won’t be disturbed by ugly, non-disclosed, intrusive advertisement, 2- Publishers won’t kill their app design and user experience, and will have a better CPM, 3- Advertisers will have better engaged users.

Join Appsfire now to start implementing our native ad formats.


The process to convince app developers is long, […]Read more


Last week, Appsfire had a booth at the AppDays in Paris, France: it was a great event.

2014-11-06 09.19.05

We meet several people working in mobile apps from small developers to big companies and we have been able to show them how Appsfire is innovating in the mobile ad business.

We were also running a workshop where we gave our audience the best practice of the “native ads”. The slides are in French but most of them are understandable.