That’s it! Last year in Nov 19th 2012, we announced here the App store had approved 1 million apps. And it took a little over a year to reach 1 million apps live in the App store [which we just announced]

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Out of those 413k were optimized for the iPad (either universal or iPad specific). 1.4m Apps have ever been approved by Apple to date (for comparison 881k apps are live on the Play Store and 1.17m have been approved]

Now, more than ever the question comes back to us. Do we need so many apps? Yes the majority adopted iOS7 but does that really matter? Does those quantitative stats really matter? Or are they really hiding the key questions of our industry?

How good are all those apps? How many are just Zombie apps suffering from no or low downloads? How many are of bad quality? And how difficult is it going to be for existing and new developers to reach visibility and get discovered.

The App store and Apple are far from doing anything significant and ground breaking to improve app discovery. Mobile ads still suck. And Native Ads may, maybe, bring some light.

The race for the biggest app store is not one wants to win. The race for the best App store, that can be designed and offered to date is what matters. And we all feel this is not a race Apple (or Google) are racing for (check this shootout report!)

This big milestone brings more questions than answers.

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    The U.S iTunes App Store?

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    Wow! what a great news.

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