There you go. We just hit the a significant milestone. If you take all the apps ever published developed on iOS and Android we just reached today 1 million mobile apps combined, or at least, that’s what our appGenome™ is telling us.


Now careful: only 800 000 from the 1 million apps are available for download, i.e. active; the others are either being finalized or have been removed from the stores. Another important note: those are not unique apps. Many developers have apps in both ecosystems (eg: foursquare, twitter, angry birds…) and within each platform many apps are repackaged into new apps (ebooks collection, sports app,…)

But still that is an impressive milestone reached in a few years and an incredible level of activity lead by the developers’ community.

For those asking out of this million 52% are iOS apps.

Next milestones to track: 1 million live apps combined iOS and Android – see our prediction below, should happen by year end – then 1 million apps per OS…