If you missed it, you live in on a lonely planet or something. Now Apple will allow developers to sell new stuff (content, game levels,…) within their app using the super simple Apple payment system


Good news:

  • More money for developers: nicely implemented it will mean more money as the expense will be painless
  • More adoption for paid apps: less fear to buy first. easier to convert, than convincing on paper or by reviews
  • kind of less piracy: should make life much harder for pirates [but won’t solve the issue totally..]
  • More free apps: bye bye the “lite” versions that were polluting the app store. Does that mean less apps in total? no, the opposite, as money will flush in
Bad news

  • Piracy not totally solved: a cracker will crack a fully unlocked, post paid app and make it available. might take just a little more time
  • Linkshare/Tradedoubler affiliates: if you were living on iTunes affiliate commissions (we do too, but give it all away to charity) bad news: you won’t get a dime for the free downloads you”ll generate that will convert in in-app (maybe that will change). Fair?
  • inApp is still not full payment solution: if you are an app developer this is not good enough as a payment system (real discount mechanism, money back, full access for a limited time period…)
  • Won’t work for all paid apps: some apps are just meant to be paid, period. No trial, no upgrade. Take an app like Tweetie how do you see the inApp purchase working for them?
  • Won’t work for all free apps: some apps are just meant to stay free, because there is nothing to really sell (mostly branded apps, commodities,….) so for you you’ll have to rely on advertising mainly
  • For existing paid apps owners, buy them again: you’ll probably have to buy your paid app again for the free+ apps with in-app to enjoy the new content and stuff they will sell