Not sure why Apple has waited today to announce 100k apps in the App Store, which we and other announced  about a week ago

Of course this is a fantastic achievement and Apple does not forget to quote top success like T-Pain app

But what Apple is missing in their PR is the fact that the BIG majority of apps don't enjoy that success

Please take again a look at this stat we provided regarding the %of apps that are installed in more than 50% of the users…The conclusion is obvious


The store is built for hits. Not for the rest.

Don't look too far for the explanation. it is mentioned  by Apple

Apple continues to improve search and discovery with new features including Genius for Apps, App Store Essentials selections, sub category listings and more valuable customer reviews

So let's see how they play it out. At Appsfire we believe the solution is not in the App Store or even the Genius. And this is why we are growing day after day.