Searching for apps is something that all iPhone/iPad owners do all the time. It is an important part of the discovery process (not the only one). We wanted to build a search engine for apps that is fast and accessible from anywhere. Anywhere meaning your browser, but also outside your browser. 

When we first discovered Alfred, we were blown away by the quality of the little software that helps you trigger any kind of tasks on your mac (launching a program, a search, a folder,…) anywhere from your mac. Those familiar with Quicksilver will quickly realize this is Quicksilver done right (although the latter is more popular so far). If you have not tried it yet, this is a real must (download it here). Alfred is a very very young company, but we wanted to showcase what could be done with AppsFire app search.


It is as simple as launching the program with a combination key (Eg Alt+space) then type “App+ your request” AppsFire app search, searches in the title and description and allows you to filter results by rating and price (and iPad only)


It takes merely 2 seconds to trigger an app search. We love it and hope you will too! 

We’ll announce soon more partnerships like those (and if you are a site or a software editor contact us). With or Without app :)

ps: Alfred is only for mac users for now. If you are a PC users, let us know if you wish such a feature on your computer.

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