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As we do every month, we are happy to present you the new edition of our App Score Report, which can be considered as the quality score report of the best apps. Every month we highlight what were best apps in different categories based on a set of quality parameters, regardless of their rank.

TOP 25 Ever – iPhone – Game

TOP 25 Ever – iPhone – Non Game

TOP 25 Ever – iPad – Game

TOP 25 Ever – iPad – Non Game

Apps Released in September

  • Bad Piggies (95) and FIFA 13 by EA SPORTS (94) couldn’t reach the Top 25 Paid iPhone apps the month of their release but we are expecting them to reach it next month.
  • InstaMessage which has been spammy on Instagram reached the 2nd place in the Top 25 Free Non-Game apps of September but not the Top 25 ever.