That's it. We know who are the winners – the choice was hard – and we'll announce them tomorrow am at LeWeb on stage at 10.35am Paris time. The event will be streamed live on the internet.

Lot of efforts have been invested by talented developers to get there and there will be frustration and excitements. 

But remember one thing

you first got a lot of quality attention: thousands of views of videos, hundreds of user ratings and comments and this is just the beginning

An intense effort always deserve a reward and we hope that the attention the finalists of the app star awards got will be considered like this.

Some of them, have already been approved by Apple and are running their way in the App Store. Most of them are not there yet.

The efforts put in that contest will necessarily serve them. Getting attention and presenting well your app is key in the success.

We want to thank all the participants and finalists for trusting us.

We wish you good luck for tomorrow. But mainly for the day after tomorrow