We are thrilled to announce let  that the App Star Awards just opened for submission. From now until nov 29rd, App developers can submit a 30 sec video demo of any app non-listed in the App Store. This contest in organized in partnership with SFR, leWeb and our media partners TechCrunch, ReadWriteweb, TheNextWeb and Macgasm

The purpose of this contest is to give participating developers a stage and an opportunity to generate outstanding interest before they even start with the App Store. It will be also symbolically rewarded with a check of $1500 and a free ad campaign. 

So want to jump in?  [and don’t worry our App-roval process is a bit simpler than Apple’s]

★ ★ Apps can be submitted here ★ ★


Just to remind a few simple rules 

★ 30 sec demo (a little more is fine too)  video on Youtube – shared publicly 
★ Your app is not listed in the App Store yet
★ no upgrade, just new apps
★ you can submit several apps (run this submission form several times)
★ The video needs to be either in english or subtitled in english

And of course no copyrighted material – unless you own it !

Here are a few tools and tips if you want to create a short video demo of your app. it will be useful even if you don’t participate to this contest

Submit your app

We have close to 200 pre-registered developers and we expect a fireworks of unseen apps. They will all be showcased in our website on a video site created in partnership with

On december 3rd we ll pre select 30 of them and our jury will review each one and pick 3 winners who will be showcased at LeWeb conference in Paris. Yep, look well at the program, we got probably one of the best spot to do it on day 1