In case you missed the live stream, we just announced on stage at LeWeb the results of our App Star Awards. The little surprise is that in addition to the Winners, we have for each category a Runner-up. Like we said the choice was really hard and we wanted to give a special spotlight to more apps.

We are very happy for all our finalists that got today a tremendous attention and hope this will be considered as a soft reward for the hard work and a promise of success for the days to come.

Just as a reminder, the winners were designated by the vote of our Jury. They will get a symbolic prize of $1500 in addition to a free ad campaign.

Congrats to all, We look forward to seeing you all in the App Store soon.

And track us on Twitter for next edition of the App Star Awards

So here are the results. 

The winners are...


1. Games Winner: Sketch Nation (Engineous Games)

Sketch Nation Shooter allows users to create their own games by drawing a player, enemies and a level on a piece of paper and taking a picture of the drawing with their iPhone camera. 

Runner up: Extreme SheepDog Trials 

2. Utility Winner: Here FileFile (Adam Wulf – Skylight Apps)

Here, File File! lets you access your Macs’ files (yes – all of your files from all of your Macs!) from your iPhone wherever you are. Browse files and folders, attached storage, network drives, view your files, stream media, and email your files all from your iPhone. Don’t worry about forgetting a file ever again – access your Mac whenever you need to wherever you are!

Runner up: Baby Bubbles 


3. Entertainment Winner: Cookmate (Cookmate Team)

Ever had a fridge full of food and nothing to eat? Misc items that you’re just not sure how to bring together into a spontaneous and delicious meal? There’s an app for that! And you have found it!

Runner up: ISSUU mobile




  • wuf810

    wow thank you. Do the runners up “win”anything

  • AppsFire Team

    Attention and fame :)

  • wuf810

    Any chance we could have a Runner Up Icon/Logo to use on our website then? Thanks!

  • AppsFire Team

    We ll do it

  • Robin

    Thank you Apps Fire for the contest! We’re honored!

  • jerols

    Congrats to all the winners! Excellent apps all around. Also big thanks to Appsfire for this awesome opportunity.

  • J

    Cookmate is entertainment? Should have been a utility right… since it helps you do something (make a meal) as opposed to making you laugh? or did I miss the point of their app?

  • wuf810

    re. Runner Up logo – Thank You! Let me know where to get it when its ready.

  • wuf810

    “Cookmate is entertainment” – as the developer said, ‘he views cooking as entertainment.’ Guess it depends how good a cook you are :-)

  • AppsFire Team

    Would agree with that

  • ral6387

    poor presentation, that is, not the worst you could do!
    WM also has the awards but are structured much better, if I were you I’d take some notes from here:

    bye !!

  • AppsFire Team

  • Ignou Assignments

    Attention and fame :)

  • Hulo

    I’d vote for issue. Its a great application



  • Din Freebies

    Thank you Apps Fire for the contest! We’re honored!

  • Turbcast

    Turbcast is a great app for travelers.

  • Kelly

    Nice videos!!! Check our