We’ll share with you a little secret: We found a great way to improve the rating of your app in the App Store. It’s legal and by the book.

No, this is not by paying review or “research services” to do that. That’s unethical and prohibited by Apple…


App Deals ratings


Right now Appsfire is #13 in Top Free Apps in the US Store, with a rating of ★★★★★ on nearly 100 reviews in our latest update, all collected in 1 day. It is very hard to get there and only a small percentage of  apps in the App store get this average rating.


How did we do this?

Your users love your app, but it is difficult to encourage them to publish a review in the App Store. And even if you want to as a user, you need to “think” about it. What’s missing are relevant opportunities to suggest to your users to give you a great rating.

Many apps, like we once did, are using timed, in-app notifications to do that. Often random. But this is wrong, because most of the time you’re interrupting something and taking the user in a different trajectory in the user’s experience. So unless his mind is “available” you won’t get his rating, even if he loves your app.

The whole point is to manage to capture the user’s attention at the right moment. We think we nailed down that moment.

Until yesterday the average rating of our app was 4 stars. We found that many of the bad ratings were due to a bug we fixed, but that’s not all. More importantly, we introduced into the app a new tool designed to boost your positive ratings and decrease dramatically your bad ratings.

Next week we’re introducing the Rating Booster: A simple, unintrusive in-app notification system that is connected to a convenient feedback form.

Rating Booster feedback form


Two magical things happen there once the user notices the elegant notification bubble in the app (open the appsfire app if you want to see it live now).

1. All the complaints (most of them) are now going through this feedback form, which is way more convenient than an email (the way we used to allow users to send feedback). Therefore users don’t feel compelled to publish a bad review in the App store, since they already told you what’s wrong. In addition, since all reviews land in real time to our emails, we can instantly answer them, right from our email. The user feel there is a person behind the app and that any issues they reported are being addressed.

2.When a user sends positive feedback, we capture that moment and encourage him, right in the app, right after to publish a review in the App Store. One click. Done!


Prompt for review

We automatically prompt users who left positive feedback to review our app in the App Store

To be clear, there’s nothing artificial or intrusive about it. We just capture users’ attention in a better way and convert the users to postiive reviewers in a more efficient way. The result? A better rated app.


Why does that matter?

Ratings are considered by users before downloading an app. Apple also considers ratings in their algorithms for ranking apps. Of course, the higher the ranking, the better.

Of course this assumes that your app has good ratings. But around us we see many great apps that could get a much better rating is they were managing seriously that aspect.

Are you interested in testing this tool for your app? Contact us at CONTACT@APPSFIRE.COM

  • Tom

    great tool,

    but what is really the importance of having 5 stars in the Appstore ranking? There are still many 2 stars app in the top rankings. Any body as a rough idea of the ranking algorythm? Is it like 80% of amount of downloads in the last 7 days + 10% according to usage of the app +10 % according to stars?

    • AppsFire


      ratings are first important to your conversion download, regardless of your ranking. One of the first things the user considers are the ratings and reviews. If they re not good he will not download it. The reason so many top apps are poorly rated is because they mostly disappoint users, in spite of their high ranking, often paid. It is precisely an advantage, when compared to have a better rating

      As for the algorythm, like the Coke Recipe, no one really knows it although we guess the ingredients. Ratings is definitely taken into account

  • Nicole Fox

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  • mike amerson

    Good stuff, I think you nailed it.  You caught them at a good time and it filters out the negatives for the most part.  – That’s smart.