update 08/07/2010: we’re back!

Dear Apple Inc. 

Your app-roval process is full of holes; you have approved Appsfire v1.0 last August and wished you hadn’t because almost no one had any real clue about discoverability issues back then – indeed, we were the very first to address this issue in an app. Now you know what’s at stake, so you’ve locked-down every aspect of the SDK ToS. Which is probably why you wouldn’t write anything to us for 56 days re: Appsfire v2.0, despite our numerous calls, emails, and high level contacts (period during which you had no problem approving similar apps). Was your intent to shut us down by playing the waiting game until the legal team had caught up? The problem remains, in fact we don’t even know what the problem might be since you are not talking to us.

So now, we’re doing you a favor. We’re pulling Appsfire v1.0 so that you don’t have to.
Besides, we have so much content now that this old v1.0 is choking on it; but you won’t let us update it to optimize the user experience.

We care about our users, and like you, we go to great lengths to ensure the best experience.

Appsfire v1.0 RIP.  

Anyways, you know full well that an app that does not get updated has a half-life of two days, and that the App Store has too many (fart/cheat/book/udid) apps anyways. Let’s prune the apple tree (couldn’t resist, sorry).

A bit of Objective-C is in order:
    [[AppStore sharedInstance] removeObjectForKey:@”appsfire v1.0″];

Steve, please update your slides. It’s now 225k − 1!
Of course, you’ll have to add another 15k apps since another week has passed. Good for you.

Meanwhile, and until we get approved, we’ll be considering out-of-store alternatives, or until we get any sort of professional & constructive discussion going. 

Luckily, there is no limit to human creativity, and nothing worse than a lion in a cage. And as we like to say: “happy to think differently”.

Note to our many users: we know many of you are waiting for our new version. We’re confident things will change sooner or later. Meanwhile, stay tuned for very cool stuff coming up your way in the coming weeks. For now the best way to enjoy appsfire is by registering on our site!
ps: this is appsfire v2.0 in video demo for those asking