It’s already been a year  – day for day – we launched Appsfire Deals 2.0 our flagship app. The trajectory has been stunning. We gains millions of happy users (7 to be precise), tens of thousands of great ratings and reviews (except when we had an episodic unfortunate crash…), won the Best App Ever 2011, were featured by Cnet as the best way to find free apps and just a couple of days ago by the New York times


But more importantly we love our app more than ever. And although Appsfire has a wide range of activities (Appbooster, App score, OpenUDID, Appstatics..) in the app discovery and marketing industry, we’re mostly known for our app.

If you’re following we keep improving the app and we push updates constantly (the last one a few days ago). Many of the great things about the app are not visible and this is what make this app so delightful. Many other things are visible like our blazing fast browsing experience by streams – which now seem an obvious choice, the timeline of the apps and many more things

But guess what? we’re not done yet.

With each version we push a little version the level of frustration we have to live with because we always want to do better.

Recently we decided to sunset most of our apps. It’s not because we do not like them. But because we want to improve them.

Appsfire explore, our social discovery app, will not go away just like that

We’ve been working like crazy on brand new version of Appsfire. It is the best app we have ever made. It is music to your fingers. It has revolutionary features and yet remain simple to use.  We love it so much we can help showing it to people we meet every day, even if it s not ready yet.

We’re reinventing Appsfire and take it to a level, we had never imagined.  See how the app was looking a year ago, compare it to today’s version. Imagine how far the next jump will be.

12 months later it feels again like day 1.

Stay tuned