It is a pleasure to introduce the latest version of Appsfire Deals, and even if we say so ourselves, it was well worth the wait.

One of our major objectives at Appsfire is to enable users to make a quick, and well informed decision on what apps to download.

We have been doing this right from the start, we did it with the stream of personalised categories that allow users access to up-to-date information about deals on each and every one of the categories they are really interested in. Then we did it again with our very own App Score, an app rating system that clearly indicates the quality of each app, and we are doing it now with the Timeline.

But what on earth is the Timeline in Appsfire Deals?

Think resume for apps: at a simple glance, the Timeline provides a very clear picture of how the app has evolved since it was launched.

In the Timeline you will find:

1. A summary of the key facts: when it was launched, how many updates it has, the highest and the lowest prices, the number of promotions, etc.
2. Then, for each one of the key events in the life of the app, it provides an accurate step by step dated timeline. This means a chronology including new features, price cuts, key changes etc.

An app is not a static object: it is a living digital piece of software maintained by human beings. The  App Store gives only a static vision of apps, we want to introduce a higher level of clarity to users (and developers). And it should be really useful.

How many times have you seen an app and understood  for how long it has been in the App Store? How many times did you know if the app was regularly updated or not? How many times did you know if the “limited promotion” was real or artificial? (because the developer raised artificially the price before dropping it…)…Now you know!

But there is more.

With Appsfire Deals 2.5 sharing is made simpler and easier, you can share with Facebook or Twitter, or both. You may share having starred an app, a price tracking, or having found a fantastic app, you may share as much as you like.

At Appsfire we are obsessed with providing the very best discovery experience for mobile apps, and with each version we bring better and better features for users to consider, but the decision is still yours: to download, or to continue the discovery…

Have a look:  Appsfire Deals 2.5

PS: we also fixed a nasty little bug that was causing the app to crash in some cases.