Appsfire Streams

Today we’re very proud to introduce the latest and greatest version of our Android app. If you’re as eager to get this in your hands as we were to get it out on the market, read no further and go download it now from the Google Play Store.

To our Android fans and those on Android who love apps, this update has been long overdue. We delivered a major upgrade to Appsfire for iPhone/iPad this past autumn to rave reviews, and since then we’ve helped millions of app lovers on iOS to discover great apps and great deals. It took us awhile to bring the Android app up-to-speed, but we think you’re going to love what we have in store with 4.0.

Simple and beautiful

Above all, we strive to deliver app lovers a simple and beautiful experience for discovering new apps. We’ve refreshed our longtime “Streams” interface to make it easy to browse through many apps across many categories with just a few flicks and clicks.
Appsfire Streams

App Score for Android: The quickest, most reliable way to know if an app is worth downloading

In May 2012 we introduced the Appsfire App Score, a 1-100 score for every app in the App Store. The higher the score, the better the app. Or, put otherwise, the more sure you can be that it’s an app worth downloading.

With Appsfire for Android 4.0, we’re bringing App Score to Android. As soon as you fire up the app to view your daily recommendations, you’ll see the App Score for each app. You can also get further detail when you click in to view an app in more detail.


Tango App Score


Oh so pretty

One of the things we love about the Google Play Store is the beautiful artwork that they feature for each app. We’ve baked that right into the “Detail View” for each app. You can really get a sense for the style and spirit for (the awesome) Tango app in just a glance, don’t you think?

Go get it!

We could go on about what else we’ve packed into this version, as well as the updates and new features we’ve already got in the pipeline. But that might hold you up from downloading the app! So why don’t you check it out for yourself in the Google Play Store. As always, we’d love your feedback on what we can do to deliver you a better app discovery experience.

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    Getting error – “unfortunately, appsfire has stopped” on my HTC One.
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