Andy Baio has a very thoughtful piece on how the App Stores (plural) could gain by adding a true social layer and help users find better apps for them.

Andy is right. Very little has been done to change the rules.

All the updates we’re seeing with the App store are about preserving the same model based predominently on editorial curation. Even IOS8 is mostly about cosmetic changes and not about a deep revamp that will change the rules. Andy is suggesting to add some identity layer, a way to follow users, get the recommendation from your friends and organizing a feed of information in the App store the same way Apple tried to build it for music and Ping (but with a failed implementation).


Good. But can that really work?

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Too many developers who want to monetize their app with ads make often the same mistake. They worry a lot about the CPM (i.e. the amount of money they will get for their impressions) and very little about the ad experience. They will care very little about which ads can run on their app, or how they will show up or worse will make the wrong calls about how to create an experience that will not hurt their users.

The natural temptation is to put as many ads as possible: of course, the more ads you have, the more money you make. Wrong! This is the opposite. Because not thinking about the user experience is the fastest way to a huge collection of negative reviews and bad karma.

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Apple is shaking the ad market, again. No more incent videos? No more incent downloads? No more “more apps”? Many developers are confused by what they can or can’t do regarding ad placement in their apps.

Well, what we do know is that if you’re using Appsfire, there is nothing you have to change, nothing you have to do. Business as usual.


Apple does not have a problem with ads at large but with incentivized mechanics that are related to the app store. We don’t and never will use any sort of incentivized mechanic. This is a choice we made from day 1. Our ad solutions are 100%  incent-free. Apple also seems to reject apps that are promoting others apps in a “more apps” button or in app galleries. We don’t offer any of that.

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Skype promised a few days ago to roll out a new version. Today they announced it was available. Except it’s not. 

Here is what seems to have happened. On June 9, Skype announced Skype 5.0 for iPhone would be released soon. Promising.

They seem to have pulled the current version, which caused people not being able to find Skype on the App store and downloading instead “Skype Wifi” their other app in mass making it jump to top 25 rank out of nowhere.


Causing frustration of all their new potential users, thinking it was Skype.


They are pushing now Skype.50 which shows for update. But because there is some lag in populating the App store and [...]Read more


Last week i was invited to talk about App Discovery at Altconf 2014 during WWDC. The video was uploaded to Youtube and we wanted to share it with you. It’s about what impacts positively and negatively the discovery of an app in the App Store but also about what Apple has announced with iOS8 and the important elements Apple is still ignoring, years after the launch of the iPhone/iPad.

App Discovery – Altconf 2014 from Appsfire

Because i prepared this presentation in a rush (until a day before i thought it was a panel/Q&A and not a keynote…) i realized i forgot some important aspects like for example how in Asia Chat platforms are impacting app discovery. I did not either go down in details about how paid discovery work/doesn’t…but it’s too big a topic for [...]Read more