So much has happened in 2012 in the App Store. Tons of new apps, a new iTunes Store design on iOS6 and the Mac. We thought now would be a good time to get some perspective and look back at this very healthy and very busy app economy.

Before you dive into our insanely amazing and priceless infographic, here are some of the observations:

The App Store is a very healthy ecosystem with well over 1 million apps ever created and approved by Apple There is a slowdown in year-on-year growth of new apps published. It does not mean that there is less activity, but rather that growth is decelerating. This is likely the sign of a maturing market. Free is clearly prevailing over Paid. 74% of apps published in 2008 were Paid, in contrast to 34% this year. This can be explained by the growing popularity of in-app purchase […]Read more



Yann Lechelle, co-founder of Appsfire, will be discussing the “Wild New World of Apps” at the i7 Summit in Chantilly, France, this October 10-12.


i7 Summit is a global conference celebrating technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and society. Yann will be among 350 participants representing hundreds of established and up-and-coming companies all sharing the same goal of tackling the challenges facing an increasingly wired society.


Yann’s presentation will be part of a workshop on driving societal innovation through technology, on day 2, Thursday October 11. The panel will focus on how to reign in the tens of thousands of apps currently populating the market.  Different mobile operating systems and the rise of new app stores are also complicating matters, which should result in a very lively discussion moderated by Gigi Wang, board […]Read more


We told you so before, we’re obsessed with ratings, rankings, so much that we’ve created our own all encompassing App Score; the reason we care so much is partly because we have a very successful iOS app out there, used by millions of users, with near religious recurrence – and we keep tabs on general and specific signals, by tracking essentially everything and also engaging in deep CRM with our users. With that sort of loyalty, our users also await our updates with great anticipation and they typically upgrade in full confidence without blinking…

Yet we’re humans, and therefore we err… Version 2.4.1 of Appsfire Deals was pushed two months ago […]Read more


So Google is now letting (some) Developers answer to users review. Most think this is a good idea and even call Apple to do the same thing. But this is not the right problem to solve. The problem is not the review system being frozen (and gameable). The problem is the lack of discipline of most developers to collect and address feedback


ITunes 4

Here is what we answered on the Post of TheNextWeb today


[…]Read more


What you see in our major product lines – our mobile apps, App Booster – is just the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface there’s a lot of data and intelligence about apps, and we’ll often leverage this  to come up with interesting lab experiments. Sometimes these experiments remain internal, but often we share with them others. This is how OpenUDID was born.

Today we’re introducing Appstein, a simple browser extension (for Chrome & Safari) that will make the iTunes Preview page a little more useful.

Why would anyone want a better iTunes Preview page? Because the information presented on these pages is not good enough to make a decision as to whether an app is worth downloading.

Anytime you click on an iTunes link […]Read more