As you may have noticed, behind the scenes we observe very closely and very carefully the iPhone space. Because we believe something big is happening and that we want to understand better that space, we created a map of the key players in the iPhone industry.


Today we are releasing a snapshot (above) of the key players of the analytics space. Although this is not our first activity, we do have a presence there with our link shortener giving in depth understanding of developers’ conversion ratio in the App Store (and a lot more soon)

Today this map becomes even more interesting because 2 key players Flurry and Pinch media are merging into one company. We believe more consolidation will happen in that space in the next 12 months. You have 3 key areas in app analytics: 
  • Analytics around sales and performance, 
  • those around rankings and charts, 
  • and usage and behavior analytics. Flurry and Pinch operate in the last one

But this is not the only one that matters. Eventually developers need a holistic approach to data and app analytics.

We believe the main reason that drove this merger is the recent announcement of Google to offer something competitive. We believe their offer will get richer and that eventually more players will find themselves alone.

Let’s observe that carefully