Ever since we created Appsfire, we’ve wanted to provide the very best discovery experience for mobile apps. Our apps deliver intelligent but simple channels for discovering and consuming mobile content on-the-go.

With every passing day, discovering great apps (at least those that don’t have “Angry” or “Birds” in the title) becomes more burdensome. Discovery is a major problem for both people who are seeking to discover great apps, and developers who are looking to distribute their apps in massive and often cluttered App Stores.

Appsfire pioneered the social experience around mobile apps, giving people a way to share their favorite apps, discover the apps their friends are using, and browse the apps owned by tech celebrities. The formula is familiar: you’re more likely to trust the quality and value of an app more if it’s owned or recommended by a friend or expert.

Today we are taking this a step further. As part of Facebook’s f8 developer conference, Appsfire is announcing a new way to make sharing and discovering apps more social, more personalized, and more intelligent.

Using new features of The  Facebook Open Graph, we’re introducing new ways for people to share a host of app-centric activity on Facebook. Once a person grants permission to the Appsfire app, certain actions will be shared with friends on Facebook, including installing a new app, favoring an app, or even uninstalling or removing an app from your iOS or Android device. Discovering new mobile apps through your friends has never been more seamless.

Within the Appsfire app on your iOS or Android device, simply connect to Facebook to turn on sharing. You’ll be notified each time your friend adds an app, or you share your app activity with friends.

As soon as it goes live (should be very soon after the official announcement by Facebook), you’ll not only find new ways to share and discover with friends, but also a variety of great apps you wouldn’t have discovered anywhere else.

If you’re an app developer, this means we’ll be able to provide you an even better reach to market your app in this fast growing market. As we all know, discovery is also a major issue for developers who find no controllable marketing channels in the app market places. Our business is to help you, via our social platform, reach efficiently the people that will love your app.

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