Too many developers who want to monetize their app with ads make often the same mistake. They worry a lot about the CPM (i.e. the amount of money they will get for their impressions) and very little about the ad experience. They will care very little about which ads can run on their app, or how they will show up or worse will make the wrong calls about how to create an experience that will not hurt their users.

The natural temptation is to put as many ads as possible: of course, the more ads you have, the more money you make. Wrong! This is the opposite. Because not thinking about the user experience is the fastest way to a huge collection of negative reviews and bad karma.

Here is a live example, with a new top ranked App by the developer who created Stay in the line



The first feature of your app, is not the check you receive at the end of the month: it’s your user happiness. Piss them off, and they won’t come back and bring your next user (usually for free)

Here are the common mistakes developers make when it comes to ad integration

  • Stuffing as many ad SDKs as possible, losing control of what shows where (sometimes 3 ads in a row, or with a banner over a banner)
  • Not thinking about frequency capping: your app will show literally at every single screen (try this app, which will put an ad on every pause)
  • Disturbing the game play or the usage of the app (eg: the banner will usually end up being clicked by mistake)

This is why native advertising wins. Because when done right, it flows in the experience and does not distract. Don’t pack your app with too many ad networks, pick the one that is right for you. Care about the placement, care about the frequency, care about the look and feel, care about the triggers of what make an ad appear

And you’ll be fine