2012 has been a tremendous year at Appsfire and we wanted to share some key figures with you:


  • 9 million downloads of our App (mostly on iOS)
  • 50,000 ratings in the App store  across all stores (with an average of 5 stars in many stores like USA), and lots lots lots of super Reviews / Videos Reviews
  • 25,000 direct user feedbacks sent to Appsfire
  • Well over 1.5 million users interact daily with Appsfire
  • Well over 11k Twitter followers on @appsfire and 1 mention every 3 minutes on average
  • 1.5 billion app recommendations to date (i.e. total number of apps discovered on Appsfire)
  • 100 million download intents to date
  • Our promoted apps are downloaded up to 200,000 times within a 24h/48h window - without incentive (paid advertising is disclosed as such to our users)
  • The Appsfire AppGenome, our app metadata & machine learning engine, tracks and scores 1.5 million apps in real-time (iOS+Android)
  • No less important: Appsfire counts 17 über employees
  • AppBooster, our Mobile CRM toolkit has been installed and published within 350 live apps (including top rated Apps like Fuzelreaching up to 35 million users (iOS mostly)
  • Out of our millions of users, around 300,000 active users connect via Facebook (see AppData graph below)

AppData  Application Analytics for Facebook iOS and Android


Thanks to all of you. Let’s see what happens in 2013

  • Liam Boogar

    Great job guys!

  • Carles Coll