Hello new Sushi Ads


Back in November 2013, we introduced Sushi on iOS, our first native and full screen ad unit. It was our own version of what native ad should be and feel like on mobile. Since then, we released other ad units: Uramaki, Sashimi and Udon Noodle.

Today, we are pleased to announce a completely revamped Sushi for the Appsfire iOS SDK. This evolution improves the previous one on many aspects: this new Sushi displays vibrant colors, stunning retina assets and ultra fluid animations in an interstitial way. We can’t deliver our secret sauce here, but trust our words, two different apps can’t have the exact same Sushi design.

This all new revamped Sushi is available in our latest iOS SDK 2.4, released today on our dashboard. Review our documentation and be sure to check our notes on upgrading to v2.4.

Our recently updated Cross-Promotion feature is fully compatible with this new design.


Who said mobile ads couldn’t marry In-App Purchase?


Have you ever wondered how you could manage ads and premium users in the same app? How great would it be if ads could be linked to an IAP mechanism?

To make managing premium accounts easier, we’re excited to announce In-App Purchase Ad Removal Prompt for iOS. It is a new handy feature in the Appsfire iOS SDK 2.4 that lets you prompt users to go premium after they have dismissed ads in your application.

This is how it works:

  1. You choose the prompt frequency, either based on the number of days between ad impressions or on the number of ads dismissed
  2. When the user dismisses ads and the capping is reached, we prompt him about the premium option and IAP available
  3. Depending on the user decision, we drive him to your in-app purchase logic and mechanism

Grab our latest iOS SDK and check out our documentation for all the details.


Android developers, you asked, we listened

Monetization Android

We are very happy to announce the release of a major update of the Appsfire Android SDK, now with Monetization features. This features consist of two ad units: the Sushi with its all new design and our native in-stream format: Sashimi. As a publisher, you can now integrate native ads in many different ways into your Android application. Go build something awesome with Appsfire + Android!

Download the SDK and review our documentation for Monetization on Android. Be sure to check our notes on upgrading from v1.x to v2.0.

The Engagement part of our Android SDK is still available with the same features as before: notification badge and wall powered by native push notifications. Note that our SDK is fully compatible with the new Google Cloud Messaging push service and the Google Identifier for Advertising.