We launched last week the Sashimi ad format, and every developers we met are very excited about it. A few apps are already live with it and many more coming soon.

Sashimi is a very versatile in stream ad format, so developers can implement “Facebook ads on steroids” the way they want. All they need is a little inspiration. But what do we mean by that?

Every week, we’d like to showcase a famous iOS app, and train ourselves to create beautiful in-stream native ads for them. Who knows maybe, they will inspire the companies we’re covering.

The point of this exercise is to create for each app a “space” that is familiar to the user but also distinctive enough from the rest of the content, so the user does not get confused and understands it is clearly an ad. Because no matter how native, native ads are, they are still ads and they should in no way dilute the experience and the moral contract between publishers and the users [update march 31st: well, well, look what just happened]

Today’s Case: Pinterest

How Pinterest iPhone app is designed

Pinterest feed is made of 2 columns of 290px width.  Each posts are composed of a picture, a description, a profile picture and the name of the pinboard and user. Posts have a border radius of 10 pixels. The height of the picture and the height of the description are variable.

How Pinterest could implement Sashimi

Simply Go Visual.

1- The picture: Sashimi automatically inserts the best screenshot of the Advertised app (Sunrise) in a white iPhone 5S to enhance the quality of the application.

2- The description: Pinterest is mostly visual, so we have had a preference for very little text and description here.

3- The profile picture: We thought the icon of the application was a nice substitute

4- The pinboard & user name: we placed the call to action in the section, but every part of the post are obviously tappable.

What do you think? Like it?

Imagine what this would look on that Pinterest page :) Delicious!

See you next week for more