Mars 11th, 2015 UPDATE: We are sad to announce that our mediation feature will be discontinued. If you are in search for a good mediation, please contact us at so we can recommend a new one.


Since we released our Sashimi ads, our in-feed native ad unit, we saw an increasing demand from publishers to use them aside old style ad formats (read banners and interstitials) in their apps.

Today, we are pleased to announce we added a mediation feature to both our iOS and Android SDKs. It is totally free with unlimited impressions.

With our new SDK available today, you can now mediate ads from the largest mobile ad networks through one SDK integration. This solution has been chosen by La Place Média* (French Premium Ad Exchange) to manage its publishers currently monetizing their apps with large French specific ad servers. We currently support AdMob, Chartboost, Facebook, Google DFP, iAd, InMobi, MoPub and Xaxis.

As a refresher, ad network mediation allows publishers to:

  • Optimize their revenue: ad mediation allows publishers to maximize fill rates by showing ads from multiple ad networks.
  • Minimize custom development work: access mutliple ad sources with a single SDK and prioritize / switch between networks server-side.
  • Reduce users ad fatigue: different ad SDKs means different ad layouts.

At the same time as updating our native SDKs, we updated our dashboard to help publishers configure their mediation and waterfalls.

To summarise, here are the steps publishers have to follow to use our mediation feature:

  1. Implement our SDK to display mediated ads (banners and interstitials)
  2. Optional: implement our SDK to display non-mediated native in-feed ads (Sashimi & Udon Noodle)
  3. Add the third party ad network SDKs to mediate
  4. Configure ad placements from our dashboard
  5. Prioritise ad networks in a waterfall fashion

With Appsfire mediation, publishers can monetize more of their impressions.

Update to our latest iOS / Android SDKs

Read our documentation (iOS / Android) to learn more about how to get started.


* Note: La Place Média markets the digital audience of its five shareholders: Amaury Médias, Figaro Medias, Lagardère Publicité, France Télévisions Publicité and TF1 Publicité exclusively and in real time. (The collective also includes the following partner sites and publishers: Marie Claire, 20minutes, Boursorama, La Dépêche du midi, Metro News, Doctissimo, Sud-Ouest, La Voix, Uni-Editions, TMC-NT1, Nouvelle République, Centre  France, Publihebdos, Eurosport, Euronews, Mondadori, Nice Matin, La Provence, Le Télégramme, Boursier et Reworld Media)

  • Mnm

    Appsfire is not available in the appstore, long time ago.

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Yes, indeed, we pulled it out from the App Store in December. But if you downloaded it before, go to the App Store, go to “Update” tab, click on “Purchase” and you will find Appsfire in the list.

      • Yusuf Juventino

        but it keeps crashing! :(

        • Maxence TAIEB

          Please email us at and we will explain you the tip.

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