Raise your hand if you’re an app developer who’s ever had one of these thoughts.

  • My retention rates are too low
  • I struggle with monetizing my app in a way that doesn’t result in a bad user experience
  • It’s a pain in the butt to broadcast news and updates to my users (thank you, iOS 7 auto updates!)
  • I’m leaving too much on the table by not cross-promoting as well as I could
  • I’m tired of kicking users out of my app and into the App Store when they click on ads!
  • I miss Breaking Bad
  • I wish I could talk more directly with my users, especially when my app crashes!
  • I reluctantly crappy ads in my beautiful app, but, hey, it pays the bills
  • I use MoPub, Burstly or AdMob to monetize, but I wish there were more options

We can’t help with Breaking Bad, but we can help with everything else through today’s release of Appsfire SDK 2.0. Register now or visit the Dashboard to update.

Growth is not about getting new users

In case you didn’t figure it out yet, the game is not about growing the number of app installs, but growing your app as a business. If you’re obsessed about getting in the top ranks, you’ll find lots of solutions that will do that for you. But you might be missing the point. App discovery is only one part of the marketing cycle. Appsfire got its start in the field of app discovery, but we came to understand that there was a bigger opportunity  to serve app developers with their entire marketing lifecycle after the download takes place. And today we want to make it simple and obvious for developers to find a solution that will help them in building the right blocks to grow their app as business.

150M people can’t be wrong

crowd The Appsfire SDK is the growth engine for your app. If you’re new to Appsfire or the SDK, know this: We’ve experienced a lot of these growing pains ourselves with our own consumer apps (Appsfire for iOS and Android). The Appsfire SDK was borne from our own need to grow our app in a way that benefits everyone: our developers, our marketing team, our advertising revenue, and, above all, the 12M+ people who use our apps (that’s people, not users!). Without a doubt, much of the growth of our app has been driven by leveraging our engagement tools to convert the most positive people on our app into our champions. Since we released the Appsfire SDK (formerly known as “App Booster”) to developers back in February 2012, over 1,000 developers have signed up and over 150M people have interacted with our Notification Wall and innovative (and oft-copied) feedback system through their favorite apps. 150M was a proud achievement for us, but we’re looking toward the future with the 2.0 version that we’re releasing today. Here’s what’s new:

  • A beautiful, impactful,and respectful native ad unit that existing developers can implement in one line of code
  • A better, faster, more beautiful Notification Wall that’s right at home on iOS 7
  • Support for Unity, PhoneGap/Cordova developers
  • Easy-peasy integration with MoPub, Burstly and AdMob mediation layers


The very first Appsfire interstitial comes out of beta

ad-unit What? Another interstitial, you ask? Well yes, because mobile ads suck. But we’re going to try to make them suck a little less, one step at a time. And the devil is in the details. We designed it with empathy and care for developers, and for the people who use mobile apps:

  • The creative is automatically translated in 13 languages
  • It is optimized to not waste inventory and show apps already owned
  • Whitelist/Blacklist
  • It’s blazing fast, and lightweight

We’ve been testing a few versions of this ad unit for several months with select partners, and the results for this reached our minimum threshold of being absolutely phenomenal. Between the animation that’s “like buttah”, an exclusive mix of the highest-quality advertisers, and the absence of cheap tricks that other advertisers commonly pull, you’re going to be thrilled with the results. To boot, your users will thank you for ditching those tacky, blurry, requires-surgeon-level-hand-eye-coordination-just-to-close-the-damn-thing! ads in favor of the Appsfire interstitial. Critically, we put you in control of when to display the ads. Choose a breakout session that’s right for your user experience and display it at just the right time. Even better, the user never has to leave your app. We use the App Store overlay introduced in iOS 6 instead of kicking users out to the App Store app. Monetization at no cost of churn. Keep users in your app For those publishers who already use MoPub, Burstly, and AdMob as a mediation layer, we brush our shoulder. Appsfire supplies plugins and support for all three, with more to come soon. A better advertising user experience  means higher click-throughs. Fewer accidental clicks mean greater conversion. All of that means larger payouts. By the way , you can use those gorgeous displays for other things than just advertising, including barters and auto-promotion.

A Notification Wall & Feedback Form that’s right at home on iOS 7

engage-and-monetize   If you already use our engagement tools, you know the benefits:

  • Keep retention and engagement up through in-app and push notifications.
  • Solicit feedback from users. Follow up with them on a one-on-one basis.
  • Cross-promote your others apps, with your partners, or with Appsfire developers for free
  • Automated notifications that inform your users about what’s new in your latest version
  • A way to drive  organic positive users to review you in the App Store
  • Deliver event-based notifications, or deliver to custom-defined user cohorts
  • Announce promotions, contests, polls and more
  • Save thousands of dollars on finding user volunteers to translate your app
  • An integrated dashboard to monitor easily all your store metrics and reviews

And soon a lot more great marketing tools for developers big and small. And for existing Appsfire developers, you’re going to love how it looks on iOS 7.

How much does it cost?

NADA. FREE. GRATIS. Discovery, retention, notification, feedback, advertising: All of that ships in a single library. Free. Designed with care. Read More on TechCrunch and TheNextWeb If you’re new to the SDK, register now or reach out to us to learn more.