Bricher-San is fully customizable so you can match it to your app's look-and-feel

Way back in 2010, Loren Brichter introduced the world to “pull-to-refresh” via the Tweetie app. It’s the perfect gesture to refresh the content in your app, and we’ve all probably done it thousands of times.

When you add it all up, we’ve each spent dozens or even hundreds of hours waiting for content to refresh. We think you and your users can make better use of that time, which is why we’re introducing Udon Noodle, which we also refer to affectionately as “Brichter-San”, the first ad experience for pull-to-refresh.

(Please note: Brichter-San is our  internal name for this product and is not endorsed by Loren)

One of the core principles with our monetization solutions is to help developers stop interrupting the experience of their app to display ads, and to start weaving native advertising into the natural flow of their app. Our Ura Maki is designed as a “commercial break” to be displayed during natural breaks in your app’s experience; our sashimi is for lists, grids or any other type of feed interface.

Udon Noodle — fully native, pixel-perfect, and totally customizable, as always —complements those ad units well and is a great opportunity for any app that utilizes pull-to-refresh. What’s particularly great is that pull-to-refresh is a user-generated action, so you’re guaranteed to have users’ full attention while they wait.

In short, every Udon Noodle you display is one less time you need to interrupt your user to display an ad. That’s a win-win proposition.

Any truly “native” ad should blend seamlessly within your app (so much so that users should have no idea you didn’t build the ads all on your own).  To that end, Udon Noodle includes a Customizable mode that enables you to build and design Brichter-San to fit right in with your app. Here are a few mockups of how Udon Noodle can be customized:


Brichter-San is fully customizable so you can match it to your app’s look-and-feel

The developers we’ve shared it with thus far have been very enthusiastic, and today we’re happy to share this with everyone. Udon Noodle is now available for download in Appsfire SDK 2.3 from our dashboard.

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Speaking of our Dashboard…

Ever since we finished with the designs on our new dashboard, we’ve been itching to get it in your hands. That day has finally arrived: Behold the brand new Appsfire Dashboard.


Behold our brand new dashboard

Pardon the cheesy metaphor, but with all of our products — tracking the history and performance in the App Store (via Store Metrics), user acquisition, engagement with users, and monetization — we’re aiming to put you in the driver’s seat for growing your app’s business. To that end, we’ve we’ve designed our dashboard to achieve what a top-notch car’s dashboard should: Giving you precise and abundant information for all the metrics that matter. Just as importantly, it’s all available in a quick glance.

Our Dashboard is a great tool even for those developers who don’t use our SDK. From our Store Metrics tab you can track all of the following:

  • The history of your app: debut date, price changes, number of updates and more
  • Your app’s App Score
  • Current and all-time App Store ratings
  • App Store reviews by geography (which you can filter by number of stars)

Best of all, it’s totally free.



To all current and future Appsfire developers, as well as any publisher who just wants a convenient way to track their app in the App Store, we encourage you to take the new Appsfire Dashboard for a spin and let us know what you think.