Thanks to our Sashimi ads, our modular in-stream native ad formats, publishers can express their creativity either in terms of ad design or interactivity in their their apps (MyTF1,, Uplike, Viadeo, etc.). Some publishers are using our template mode, others went live with their own Sashimi design. Lately, we wanted to offer publishers an easy and plug-and-play way to display several Sashimi ads in an interactive and attractive fashion to match the numerous campaigns we manage daily.

We are happy to release Chirashi, the Appsfire Carousel for Sashimi ads on iOS and Android.

Our carousel of ads is done right:

  • Customizable: fade, zoom, fade & zoom… you choose the animation!
  • Flexible: minimal, extended or custom … you choose the Sashimi format!
  • Disclosed: no tricks. Users know those are ads. Not camouflaged content.
  • Gorgeous: crisp. Pixel perfect. State of the art!
  • Open: the code is open, you can take it as it is, or build upon it.

One more step to kill the crappy mobile ads.

We can’t wait to see our campaigns rotate in this gorgeous carousel!

Get the code now on our GitHub! iOS / Android

Update to our latest iOS / Android SDKs