After piloting our Cross Promotion program with the Appsfire Notification Wall (otherwise known as Appsfire Engagement), and helping developers to deliver and receive tons of free installs, we’re bringing Cross Promotion to our ad units.

How it works:

    • If you’ve already got Monetization enabled in your app, you don’t even need to update your app. Just tick off “Enable Cross Promotion” in your app’s settings on our dashboard.
    • Cross Promotional campaigns will only appear when we don’t have a paid campaign to serve (e.g., if a user has already clicked on a few campaigns). You won’t lose a single paid impression by opting into Cross Promotion.
    • For every Cross-Promotion impression you generate, you get one for your own app. It’s all totally free. And everything is reported in our Soya-ready Dashboard

This is the perfect way to get 100% fill rate of your inventory while growing your user base.



Oh! And don’t worry: this is 100% App Store compliant.

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to us at