We’re certainly not the first company trying to make native ads for mobile apps. Native ads have been around for a while. Actually, even before mobile apps were around (think Google search ads). But the market is asking for more.

Native ads need a lot more

At Appsfire we believe native ads (we call them “sushi ads”) should cover a wide range of use cases and types of integration in order to capture elegantly users’ attention. The crappy mobile ads have to die, in particular the ugly banners, the misleading and manipulative ads. It’s not just enough to claim an SDK is native to make it native. Limiting native advertising to “sponsored content”, which is the current trend, is also not enough. Mobile context, operating systems and devices have created a new set of constraints that require a specific way to address this.

To truly blend in the native mobile experience lots of details and use cases have to be taken care of for users, publishers and advertisers. At scale.

So far we introduced our sushi format (full screen), ura maki format (inside out slider) and we’re happy to see that already well over 30 developers (and growing) are running them live to millions of users in such a short period of time.

Introducing the Sashimi

Today we’re announcing that we’re taking a crack at in-stream advertising with our Sashimi ads.

The format will look familiar because Facebook introduced something similar with much success, but it’s not available to publishers. Some others are trying to get at it too. But we believe we can do more.

0000 1 Cloudup

Sashimi elegantly and simply integrates and blends within any type of content stream, whether this is text, pictures, tiles, videos, chats, or social streams.

They work on any screen size,  in portrait mode and landscape. They are natively coded, blazingly responsive, clearly disclosed (or FTC friendly if you prefer) and distinct enough from the content that surrounds them (so as not to confuse users), pixel perfect, automatically created and translated (advertisers say goodbye to guidelines and submission delays), intelligently served and targeted (bye bye wasted inventory), and provide full in-app experience (no more kicking users out of your app). They just look great, fresh and delicious (like sashimi).

0001 2 Cloudup

Many developers will be happy with our gallery of templates. Pick one, and within a few minutes of integration, you’re good to go.

Custom native creatives at scale

But to perfectly integrate any type of content stream we could not rely on templates alone. So that’s why we’re introducing the first in-stream ad format that any publisher can customize at any level: Whether it’s the frame, the shape, and the content itself. In other words, we give control back to the publishers.

Better than words here are some examples of what could be done in no time by any developer.

0004 5 Cloudup

Here is an example of full screen “sashimi” created by a developer for his news app in a couple of hours.




Like with our other sushi formats, advertisers love them: no creative is needed, and our secret sauce engine, builds, design and translates the sashimi ad on the fly. Therefore those are truly native ads that can scale . Of course advertisers can submit and adapt their creative elements, but honestly? Why bother?

Don’t take our word for it! 

Here’s what one of our launch partners, Jean Marie Hullot, CEO of the gorgeous photos encyclopedia app Fotopedia (and former Steve Jobs CTO at NeXT) wanted to share with you about our new Sashimi ad units.


“We’ve been looking for a long time for an elegant advertising solution that was matching the design of our app. At Fotopedia we wanted to bring a seamless ad experience. Appsfire’s Sashimi native ads provide a really compelling end to end solution both for publishers and for users but also for advertisers. They considered and nailed every detail of the ad user experience, publisher flexibility together with a great ad performance.”
Jean Marie Hullot, Fotopedia CEO

Sounds cool? It’s not all. We still have lots to do.

Today Sashimi serves one purpose: App discovery, which is still the most essential need in the mobile space. But we’ve designed them (and all of our ad units) to also serve re-engagement very soon, re-marketing and in-app product specific promotion via deep links. More soon.

What about targeting? Here is the Wasabi

Sashimi ads understand the context of where they’re placed. We’ve included magical rules for frequency capping so users don’t get polluted as they browse your app over and over again, we’ve plugged them to our best of breed app discovery engine to serve the best ads to the best users, and they run ONLY if the app is not yet installed.

Sashimi is the most versatile and scalable native ad format ever created and is the simplest one to adopt for advertisers. 

iOS Sashimi is already live and ready to eat. Android and HTML5 versions will arrive in the coming weeks.

Teasing on: A full plate of sushi.

Sushi, Ura Maki, Sashimi…soon “Udon Noodle” (Very very soon) and “Bento Box”. 

Are you getting it?

We’re bringing the best and most elegant solutions for mobile native advertising, powered by a world class ad-serving technology that optimizes the advertiser, user and publisher experiences all at one time, and at scale.

If you are interested to jump in, get to sign up > everything is there.

Enjoy the sushi!

You can read more on Techcrunch, TheNextWeb,, FrenchWeb

PS: If you want to try it live, get Newsfire app on your iPhone/iPad


  • Amit

    Isn’t it a copy from facebook? It is identical to what facebook app uses for showing advertisement.

    • OurielOhayon

      No it’s not. It’s true that Facebook has introduced in feed advertising for app installs (we refer to it above). But it is only working on and can’t be used, customized and ran on 3rd party apps. In addition the format is a lot more versatile than Facebook app installs. Actually Facebook has “copied” an industry that was there, well before they started with mobile ads…..

      Our default templates, unlike certain other networks, do not look like Facebook and have a unique look and feel too

      • Nikola Anđelić

        Great answer Ouriel. I really want to know how you created your company ? :) as if it was a food recipe :) I am dying to learn more about mobile ad industry. Many thanks and my best regards