Appbooster, our Marketing and Engagement toolkit for apps is taking marks in the app landscape. It is used by 500 (great) apps live in the App store /Google Play store. Reaching well over 60 million unique users (up from 35m in January) and 30 million monthly active users

Today we’re adding another great reason to use Appbooster (soon to be called Appsfire Engage) on a daily basis by introducing a great new way to track, monitor and analyze your app store ratings and reviews.

App Booster SDK by Appsfire 2

We invented and launched a great feedback system specific to native apps. So far we helped developers collect over 2 million feedbacks to date straight from users in their app. But still a lot of the feedback is going straight to the App store.

How do you keep track of it all? You can spend your hours and hours browsing the app store every day. But it is a painful experience. Why? Because first by default you need to set the app store reviews in reverse chronology order (by default only “most useful” reviews are shown). And then you need to switch from country to country. Search for your app again. And repeat the same gestures…There are over 150 stores…and if you have a few apps….Good luck with that.

Some services allow you to monitor your reviews but most of them are paid services or not convenient to use or not even reliable.

Today Appsfire is introducing the 1st (and only maybe?) convenient way to track to monitor all of your app feedback in one place [see example above]. For Free.

A single dashboard for your app feedback and your app store feedback.

It includes other metrics like your current ratings, all time ratings per store and the timeline of your app not to forget the Appsfire App Score

All in one web dashboard. All for free.

How does that work?

  • All you need to do is go to and sign up for free
  • Go to Manage Apps > Create an SDK Key for your app. [You do no need to install this SDK in your app to access Store Metrics and reviews]
  • And simply jump to Store Metrics to browse your data [or add more apps to track]

60 secs. Done.

From here you can monitor all the ratings and reviews in your app, country by country, switching in to another country in a click. Always up to date. We’re parsing and reformatting for you all the comments of your apps from every single store in a convenient way in nearly real time.

If you have our SDK installed, from the same web dashboard you will start collecting the feedback your users send you directly from your app. And remember: It is a organic rating booster: meaning that positive comments are generating also positive app store reviews [something many apps could use]….The loop is closing in.