As our young startup is reaching the tender age of four, we are announcing some major changes.

Apollo releasing first stage of the rocket

From now on, Appsfire will focus exclusively on building the next generation of mobile advertising technologies, assisting developers and publishers in their quest for better marketing and growth.

This means that we are going to stop our efforts on our consumer apps and redirect all our energy on innovation where it matters most, and where we can effectively make a sizable dent in the universe.


Why are we going this way?

The choice is simple. For the past four years we have been building one of the most successful and acclaimed mobile app discovery services. Appsfire has reached  and delighted 12 million unique users, generated well over 2 billion recommendations and earned consistent top ratings from many thousands of users. Even today, we enjoy a continuous baseline organic growth (i.e., not from ads) of 8 to 10,000 new users per day — a figure that many app publishers can only dream of.

Nothing wrong with this picture, except that it’s only the first stage of the rocket. Our mission has always been to deliver quality discovery and promotion at scale, with effective downstream users.

20 months ago, we released a first set of Engagement tools that gained a lot of traction and started to work with some large publishers on monetization. We knew already the app would not be enough. Since then, the Appsfire SDK has been adopted by over 1,000 developers, reaching about 150 million unique devices. We’re doubling down on that path.

We recently announced our new Monetization layer with native advertising to complete our growth engine for apps. The feedback and results have been so overwhelmingly positive that we understood right away that it was time to release the first stage of the rocket.

Hence, we now focus where the fastest growth is happening. It turns out, it’s also where the industry’s biggest pain point is showing.


The next generation of promotional formats for mobile (call it native if you want)

Over the past four years, we have noticed that no one was happy with mobile advertising. In one word: mobile ads suck. Big time.

We believe this has happened because, although many companies claim to be doing native advertising, none has really managed to fix the complex equation of performance and superior user experience. Not one.

We want to shake things up, raise the bar and tackle prehistoric formats.

We want to bring some fresh air to the space. Unknowingly, we stepped right into it a long time ago with OpenUDID. We will pay close attention to the user experience. We want to bring the same level of quality delight and innovation in the ad space as we did in the app discovery space. We want to create great consumer experiences in the mobile advertising space. And we want to make it super easy for developers to work with us through our existing promotional network.

We already announced our very first promotional format. SUSHI: our revamped version of the full screen ads.


But we’re not done.

We’ll deliver products that are design-driven, powered with deep technologies and our app discovery know-how, always looking beyond the mere install.

The first reactions we got so far were so positive that we decided to put all our focus solely and squarely on that.

Expect our new unit, the URA MAKI (or Inside Out), very soon.


What about the Appsfire app?

Some decisions are hard to make. This one is one of our toughest. We will be removing our own iOS and Android apps from the market, exactly next week, Thursday  the 19th of December.

  • For existing users: The app will still be maintained. No worries. Keep enjoying it!
  • For new users: The app on both iOS and Android will no longer be available for download.

So if you want to use Appsfire you have only few more days to get it.  Or if you already have it, let your friends know about it.

We may bring them back at a later stage. Indeed, we had tons of great ideas on how to dramatically improve the app discovery experience but we’re going to save that effort for now. To be frank, we’re a little bit heartbroken, for our users (get a sense of how much they like our service here) and for ourselves; but we just can’t ride two horses at the same time and our app has slowly become secondary to us for a while now in spite of all the recent updates.

 appsfire apps

But don’t be mistaken, app discovery also happens via better app advertising (paid discovery); you’ll get the “Appsfire experience” tenfold before you know it.


One last note on App Discovery Apps and the App Stores

Although we’ve been treated well by Apple, we believe the fruit company doesn’t make it easy for companies like ours to thrive in the App Store (we have known that since 2010).

Apple has consistently added tough, unclear guidelines and rules for app discovery apps, refusing to feature any app in that field (What? You didn’t know?) and rejecting or removing some from time-to-time. While their severe decision is often warranted with players that resort to shortcuts for easy and fast success, it does not look like Apple has figured out a real way to accomodate true value adding app discovery apps; either because they consider the App Store is “the ultimate solution” (it’s far from being one), or by fear of losing that dominant market maker position.

The hard reality is that Apple is actually doing a very poor job at stopping services and apps that have a deep impact on top ranks and review manipulations. Every week apps get in the top ranks by paying services who are designed with that unique goal and they operate constantly at scale.

Google has not done much either to dramatically improve discovery and hit rogue services. It doesn’t feel like this is a priority for them either. For example they never created an affiliate program, never hit on incentivized downloads (although they did hit push services and home screen icon installs).

Actually from all stores, Amazon seems to be the most active and most developer friendly to date, always creating more compelling bricks to build and merchandise mobile apps. It’s just limited by its size.

There is no doubt that we could pursue the app discovery app grail by following Apple’s ever-changing guidance or by the same token take advantage of Google’s lack of drive in that field, but at this point, we choose a different path for the better, focusing on the fastest horse and on the biggest bet.


OH! You are a developer?

If you can’t wait to see what we’re about to announce next, contact us now! And as always, if you’re looking for quality advertising, high downstream CTRs & engagement, business is open as usual.

  • pimenov

    ни фига себе

  • Dave

    Found the app Hoversaires through AppsFire. Glad that did happen. RIP AppsFire and all the beautiful apps I could easily find. Best Appstore in the world

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Thank you for your support

  • Skorpid

    Sad to hear that, best app Finder I ever seen. Sad to hear that you turn to be an advertising company. Ads suck always, it doesn’t matter how they are designed. Noone wants to be tracked by an advertising company…

    • OurielOhayon

      Hey, Appsfire app will keep working even after we remove it. don t worry

      • Koko

        it keeps crashing after it lets me choose which genres I want.

        • Maxence TAIEB

          Launch Appsfire

          – Click “Next” on the Welcome screens as quickly as possible

          – If the app crashes, try again at a slower pace

          – If it locks up, leave the app (click the round Home button), then come back to the app right away and move to the next screen.

          – Repeat until you get through the Welcome screens.You will eventually succeed

          Please let us know if that solves it for you!

      • Kelly Nace

        NO it doesnt. Relocated, had to restore to factory to unlock, sign up with new provider, then restore to backup. I am now a new user & like they said, NOT available. Bummer, it the best at searching for apps…

        • Maxence TAIEB

          Hi Kelly, if you downloaded Appsfire before, go to the App Store > Updates > Purchased, and you will find Appsfire in the list.

  • Appsfire Fan!

    Well, you were and are always the best app finder!

    • Maxence TAIEB


  • Thompson Gray

    That sucks. I’ve only discovered this great discovery app for a year. Well, I hate ads but I know that the net & free stuff runs on ads. Hope you’ll still maintain this great app though. Cheers!

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Hi Thompson, yes as long as we have active users like you, we will maintain Appsfire.

  • Staysee

    What!? No!!!! This is so sad! I just recently know about this beautiful app this year and its already closing down even before the year ends… How sad to end this year without Appsfire I actually recommend this app to my friends and family because I really support this app.. I love how they help people with app discovery and app developers vice versa.. Well the decision has been made Im still going to support you guys. Thank you for your service this is my best app discovery I ever downloaded.

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Hi Staysee, the good news is that you will still able to use Appsfire :)

    • Jessica Winfeld

      Yeah me to almost 2 months ago.

  • Ronn

    I’m so sad, it’s the best app EVER! and I like to save money by tracking the app that I want especially pro versions of the app. I have saved hundreds of money being by patient and waiting for the apps to become free, one of the most I saved is a $24 app

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Thank you for your nice message Ronn.

  • Erwin

    I will miss you, sincerely….i consulted the app several times per day and found some great deals

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Thank you Erwin.

  • Raindew

    I am so sad that you guys have to make such a huge sacrifice. Hopefully you’ll have a similar app in the future or please recommend the app most similar to appsfire. R.I.P Appsfire 12/19/13

  • Mb

    1 of the apps i used daily, hope i still can in the future. Best of luck to you and good luck with future apps and Ads

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Yes, you will be able to use Appsfire as usual since you downloaded it before we remove it.

  • Boooooooooo!


  • Christy

    :-(…I love appsfire! It will ALWAYS be my favorite app finder! I’ve saved an unbelievable amount of money because if you guys! Thanks & good luck,

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Thank you for your support

  • Jay

    Guess have to switch to Quixey

    • OurielOhayon

      Actually we would recommend you to use and for android just the play store or getjar if you want to get good deals.

  • Jessica Winfeld

    Yea just yestersday I deleted a lot of apps hoping to download after I downloaded IOS 7 on my apps.I tried to see this orange appfire app in the Apple Store.I couldn’t find it.Then I had to Google it and see what happened :'( .
    Thank you guys so much for making this app.

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Hi Jessica, if you downloaded it before, you will be able to re-download it. Launch the App Store, go to “Updates” >> “Purchased”. Scroll the list and find Appsfire.

      • Jessica Winfeld

        Hi Maxence! Happy New Year!
        Happy 2014!
        Thanks it worked!
        Have a nice day bye takecare.;)

      • Raindrop Wyldflower

        I did that but it did not work with my new ipad mini

  • Giammax


  • appsfire Friend

    Sad indeed! Just bought my gf the new iPod Touch 5th Gen and i had this great app in mind to help her track her favourite apps and games, but it’s no more!

    Another question: What if i ACCIDENTALLY remove appsfire from my iOS device?..How will i get it back?

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Hi, we decided to remove Appsfire from the App Store. If you downloaded it before, you will be able to re-download it. Just launch the App Store, go to “Updates” >> “Purchased”. Scroll the list and find Appsfire. Also, if you connect to your iTunes account on the iPod of your girl friend, you might be able to download the app with the method above (not 100% sure).

      • Blasnit


  • Frederick Tubiermont

    Hi Ouriel, any chance you will ship a version for html5/js mobile web apps in 2014 ? We’re about to release a pretty ambitious one. Cheers.

    • OurielOhayon

      no plans…sorry :) web experience will never be satisfactory by our standards….

      • Frederick Tubiermont

        Oh… don’t be such a naysayer before seing what’s possible to achieve when you invest genuine efforts into your craft. You’ll be amazed… we’ve dedicated one precious year of our life to prove you wrong ;-)

  • Raindrop Wyldflower

    How about to those who have appsfire before and bought a new device can they be able to transfer appsfire from an older device to the new one? I am so upset, right now

  • Pete

    Is there a way of looking at the appsfire rankings without the app? Just a list online somewhere?

    I didn’t find out about it in time to download it before it was removed :'(

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Unfortunately no. But if you downloaded it before, you will be able to find it in your purchased list.

      • jerah duran

        I had Appsfire on my iPod and I’m gonna get an iPhone…. Will I be able to get it still through my same iTunes account or am I dead from getting the best app on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Cydia?

        • Maxence TAIEB

          Yes, same method if you use the same iTunes account

          • jerah duran

            I figured that out earlier today. But thanks and amazing app! It’s so sad that it’s off the market because it’s an amazing app! I hope the best for you and your team:)

          • Maxence TAIEB


  • Elle

    I’ve had tons of friends download the app and loved it. Appsfire is my go-to app. I checked it at least 4x a day. Thanks for letting existing users to keep using it. I, too have saved around $100 on apps. Thanks.

  • ToFishTeacher

    For those of us who came along after Appsfire was off the market, what do you suggest for an appsfinder app?

  • Pauly

    Apps fire stopped working all together today! Is there an issue or has it finally been removed entirely?

    • Maxence TAIEB

      It was an issue, it’s now fixed. Thanks

  • cordialsavage

    I’ve used Appsfire for quite a while. The app in iOS stopped working the other day, so I deleted. I tried reloading and it keeps crashing. Very disappointing. I would wish you good luck, but I guess you don’t need it.

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Hi, here is a tip:

      Launch Appsfire

      – Click “Next” on the Welcome screens as quickly as possible

      – If the app crashes, try again at a slower pace

      – If it locks up, leave the app (click the round Home button), then come back to the app right away and move to the next screen.

      – Repeat until you get through the Welcome screens.You will eventually succeed

      Please let us know if that solves it for you!

      • cordialsavage

        Tried it several times. It either freezes or crashes. I’m done.

  • Turmoil Calmness

    So you’re gone, goodbye. Hope you’re happy coz I aint

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Yes, we pulled out Appsfire from the App Store back in December. However, if you downloaded it before, you should be able to re-download it. Launch the App Store app > go to Updates > Purchased. You will find Appsfire in the list.

  • Apprater

    I ve the same crash problem as koko, I had the best days of my life with your app.. When I tap the preferences en settings in the first and second screen my appsfire app crashes. Sadly:( I hope that this bug may be fixed? Maybe let the app do a finally update in the appstore? And remove when no one experience bugs anymore. Good luck, a happy appsfire user!! (I dloaded the app in 2012)

    • Maxence TAIEB

      Please email us at and we will explain you how to launch Appsfire

  • fau

    hi good day! im a happy appsfire user.when i restore my ipad and reinstall the appsfire it keeps on crashing.tried to restart my ipadmini and exit to home button then switch back to appsfire but nothing works…please help me :(