Dear fans of Appsfire, thank you for your patience.

Appsfire v2.0, is still being being held captive in the Cupertino equivalent of Fort Knox! (75 days and still counting – see our original post)

We want first to thank you all for your support and messages of sympathy (more than 35ks read our blog post about pulling out of the app store). That won’t be enough, but it is definitely appreciated.

As you can imagine, we didn’t sit idle while we were waiting: lobbying, cold calling, Steve Jobs emailing, using killer arguments (one of which we will announce soon)… and of course X-coding!

We sliced and diced Appsfire v2.0 into sub-apps and submitted them to try and decipher what the problem might be, and eventually try and bring you some of Appsfire in the “app” form.

Eventually, the vigilantes approved one of Appsfire v2.0 offspring, after 3 weeks… but hey, better than rejected.

Hence, we are pleased to announce the availability of:



Appsfire app search does what it says:

  • it lets you find apps in the app store, but also appmixes that we collect each day for you.
  • Search is FAST: launch it, the keyboard is already deployed, start typing, and the autocomplete will deliver results promptly.
  • Filter Free/Paid fast
  • Get cool details: You can drill down and access the application details with snapshots, as well as mark the app as favorite for later downloading and sharing.
  • 1-click App Review: You can leave a rating/review in iTunes for any app in 1-click, right from the App page. No need to scroll and search for this feature from your iPhone. Developers are you listening?
  • Ah, and did we mention sharing? 1-click action to share via email, twitter (right in your twitter app, no login required) or even SMS! (let us know if you need additional options)


And one more thing….

We’re bringing 1-click install to the World. See an app you want on Appsfire or any link? Click on it and install it automatically on your iPhone/iPad (via iTunes of course). No more need to sync, or search for an App. It creates a very useful shortcut. Watch a video here.

To enjoy this, all you need to do is install on your device, create an account and sync your device once. And that’s all.

Let’s be clear, we did not create Appsfire for this app, which is a small subset of our original appsfire 2.0. We have a lot more coming. But this is a small taste of things to come.

Please note that we’ve promptly submitted an update to ensure best compatibility with iOS4 fast task switching. Hopefully, it won’t take weeks.

We’ll be adding lots of features as we move forward. If Apple lets us! We took the hit. But we sucked it up – lots of announcements coming this week.

Meanwhile, thank you Apple.