OpenUDID adoption has accelerated in the past few weeks and seems to have reached a sort of critical mass. In fact, a study by Fiksu shows OpenUDID as the most widely adopted “universal” alternatives (i.e. one that does not presupposed prior agreement between parties).

The picture featured on the OpenUDID GitHub (below) shows a variety of known industry players that have adopted the initiative: analytics companies, advertising networks, authority bodies as well as other value-adding SDK publishers. Others are in the process of integrating OpenUDID.

OpenUDID Known Supporters

This is good news for the industry because it means that some sort of “common” ground and exchange token can be used to resume business as usual. But not only: OpenUDID is putting the user back in the middle of the discussion; debates about the opt-out and parallels with the do-not-track web initiatives. OpenUDID is open-source, so please join and contribute!

Other notable developments include a port to Windows Phone 7 and Windows Desktop (thank you Jason). This means that OpenUDID now supports 3 mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and 2 desktop platforms (Mac OS X, Windows .Net). Blackberry, anyone?

Also, note the newly created @OpenUDID twitter account. Follow this account to be kept in the loop!