What is the meaning of progress if so many people on earth are still not even able to drink clean water?  Did you know that 1 billion people on earth don’t have access to clean drinking water? Well yes this is the case and this is what charity: water tries to make us all aware of. 


We like a lot what this non-profit organization is doing. And this is why we decided, with your help, to support them. How? and what will you have to do?

First let us tell you a little secret. Each time you click on an Appsfire link and buy an app, we get a little commission from Apple (we disclose that fact in our site). As a matter of fact, a lot of blogs and site related to the iPhone and Apple product work that way [although it is not always very visible]. To be precise and transparent we get exactly 5% from the value of a purchasing session (4% if in Europe)

So what are we going to do?

During the month of October 2009 100% of our proceeds will be donated to charity: water. Yes 100%



What do you have to do? Just share your iPhone apps using Appsfire

  • Either by sharing apps you already own (using our desktop or iphone app)
  • or by sharing apps you don’t own yet, by using our link or widget generator
  • if you are an iPhone developer you can just replace your traditional iTunes link with an AppsFire (even if you app is free)
  • or finally simply re-sharing/retweeting this post or any of AppsFire iPhone widget

Each time someone will buy an iPhone app thanks to you, we’ll get a commission we will donate entirely to charity: water. That simple 

To make it clear: You Share Apps > Your friend buy Apps > Appsfire gets a commission > We donate 100% to charity: water

By Sharing your iPhone apps, you will help us contribute to charity: water (and remember also that 100% of all donations to charity: water goes to the cause directly)

I am sure you are starting to look at your iPhone differently now

Want to try? Start now

PS: just realized that appsFIRE for charity: WATER is kind of awkward :) but all good elements should meet no?