At Appsfire, our goal is to push app developers to consider advertisement as a product and help them to implement it properly in their applications.

We encourage them to use native ad formats such as Sushi or Sashimi. These formats allow the developers to keep control of their apps without compromising the monetisation.

A great integration is a way to respect your users – it’s a win-win situation:
1- Users won’t be disturbed by ugly, non-disclosed, intrusive advertisement,
2- Publishers won’t kill their app design and user experience, and will have a better CPM,
3- Advertisers will have better engaged users.

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The process to convince app developers is long, but it will pay.

This week, 2 beautiful apps released a new version with fully native integration, so we would like to highlight them.

Jokes Planet

Jokes Planet is an awesome jokes app with Tinder-like design. After swiping a few jokes, a beautifully integrated ad will appear.

Un mets & un vin

Un mets & un vin is a great app which helps you to find the best wine with your meal.



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