We recently introduced a great way to track, monitor and analyze your Store ratings and reviews. Now we are improving the Store Metrics page so you can easily focus on the information that matters to you. This update brings a smoother look, more visible ratings, more informative App Score badge, and a faster, easy access to the reviews that interest you.

Display the reviews you want to see.

With just a few clicks, the type of reviews you want to see appear. Bask in all the love and ★★★★★ that users share about your app. Or simply check out why others are not happy and leave ★★.

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So Google is now letting (some) Developers answer to users review. Most think this is a good idea and even call Apple to do the same thing. But this is not the right problem to solve. The problem is not the review system being frozen (and gameable). The problem is the lack of discipline of most developers to collect and address feedback


ITunes 4

Here is what we answered on the Post of TheNextWeb today


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Great developers make great app. But there is one thing they most of the time don’t do well. They don’t know who they users are. Why? Because what is considered as important (and rightly so) is to get your app downloaded first, and hopefully used.

But how can you grow your app without really know who your users are?

Apps Stores are built in such a way that you don’t know the identity of your users. Only the App stores do. You may use some analytics service but they only tell you about how your app is used. Most app developers don’t bother with a registration form, because it causes friction with adoption and when they do, it is only [name.] – meaning not helping you out.

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Today we’re introducing App Booster. A free lightweight SDK to boost the engagement and retention of users in mobile apps.


One thing we’ve been struggling with since we exist is the necessity for quality services to promote mobile applications. We created a set of new ways to browse apps and services for developers to obtain quality visibility with potential new users

But what’s the point of getting so many new users, what’s the point of rushing to the rankings if eventually users don’t use or stick with your app? As the App market grows, too many developers are concerned with “user acquisition” vs “quality user acquisition” and the difference is engagement.

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