The Short Version

Appsfire is introducing today a powerful and innovative signal to assess whether an app is worth downloading. App Score is a dynamic score which processes dozens of parameters several times a day across all the apps in the iOS App Store. The App Score for a particular app goes beyond the current ratings, rankings and reviews for that app; it also analyzes the rating and ranking performance over time, incorporates additional metadata and reviews for that app across the web, identifies apps engaging in suspicious rating/review behavior in the App Store, and synthesizes the publisher’s record across all of his or her apps.

The Long Version

The biggest pain point affecting mobile app consumers is discovery. To be more precise, it’s a pain to find GOOD apps. Billions of apps get downloaded, but […]Read more


With the latest version of Appsfire Deals, we introduced a major refresh to our app icon. Appsfire Deals has come a long way, and it was about time that our icon felt as current and as bold as the app itself.


We’re thrilled with the result, and we hope, you, our users, are too. iOS Inspires Me, a terrific catalog of beautiful (and indeed inspiring!) app icons and user interfaces, seems to think so.

What you see above are the outcome of many months of starts, stops, restarts, and throw-your-hands-in-the-air bouts of frustration. We drew on paper, on whiteboards, on our iPhones, in Omnigraffle and Photoshop. We went high-concept and low. We worked with designers and showed our ideas to colleagues and friends. And for […]Read more


Making great apps is so hard. We’re never sure we manage to do it right. But we strive to. And today, it is with great amazement that we discover what our effort has led to… We try to stay humble and we iterate a lot, we incorporate user feedback, we look at stats, we iterate some more, and then move a few pixels, or shift an animation by 30 milliseconds. Then we work on web-services and compress or load balance some more, and shave another 30 milliseconds to save our users more time and bandwidth. Then we think about content and remove the “yoyo” apps (those that bring their prices up and down too frequently – yes, very annoying, but not trivial to do). Then we think user benefits. And code some […]Read more


We are thrilled to announced the release of App Deals 2.2 with awesome new features requested by our users (and some of our own)! Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

How can I find out when the apps I’ve had my eye on are on sale? Is a free app really free or do I have to pay something once I download it? How can I see only the new deals in the streams?

The answers, respectively: Price Alert, SUPERFREE & Filter “New”.

Price Alert

Everybody has his eye on some apps which he can’t afford to buy or which are too expensive. However, you may not have time to check the App Store everyday to see if the app goes on sale.

Now App Deals takes care of this for […]Read more


Following the redesign of Appsfire, we are proud to release App Deals 2.0 with brand new layout and a bevy of new features and goodies. If App Deals is new to  you (and there are 1.6 million users to whom it’s nothing new), App Deals is a guide to the best apps currently on sale in the App Store. What sets App Deals apart from other deal-hunting apps is that Appsfire filters for quality – while many apps go on sale every day in the App Store, App Deals displays only the highest-quality apps.

Here are the major new updates to App Deals…

(Vastly) Improved streams

You can now check out prices and ratings directly from the streams view. Click on an app and the stream persists – it’s the fastest way to browse through the apps you’re looking for.

[…]Read more