Today we’re very proud to introduce the latest and greatest version of our Android app. If you’re as eager to get this in your hands as we were to get it out on the market, read no further and go download it now from the Google Play Store.

To our Android fans and those on Android who love apps, this update has been long overdue. We delivered a major upgrade to Appsfire for iPhone/iPad this past autumn to rave reviews, and since then we’ve helped millions of app lovers on iOS to discover great apps and great deals. It took us awhile to bring the Android app up-to-speed, but we think you’re going […]Read more


The App Score Report of January 2013 is out. The Top 25 ever did not change a lot. Only a few apps entered it and a few left.

The most interesting data is about Facebook-owned apps whose App Score decreased last month. It’s almost certainly due to the release of the Facebook Poke app, which has a low App Score, as the quality of each app from a specific developer impacts the App Score for all of their apps).

Imangi Studios (creators of Temple Run) released the 2nd edition: Temple Run 2 but did not reach the all-time Top 25. Maybe next month.


TOP 25 Ever – iPhone – Game Fastlane Street Racing Lite, PAC-MAN Lite and Diamond Dash […]Read more


What happened in the App Store in November?

note: the december report will be published soon too…

Interestingly, many Rovio apps left the Top 25 in November:

Angry Birds Free, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio Free for iPhone Angry Birds HD Free, Angry Birds Rio HD Free, Angry Birds Seasons HD FreeAngry Birds Seasons HD, Angry Birds Space HD, Angry Birds Rio HD  for iPad This could be explained by the […]Read more


Now that the Privacy and general conditions colourful (and frankly useless) symphony is over, we can focus again on what matters: the Instagram app itself. 

The noise of the debate has eclipsed the fact that the app became significantly less usable. Instagram first blocked the ability to post an app from a photo album and in addition the ability to crop a picture had disappeared

As a consequence the App score of Instagram fell from 97 to 10. 


At this point the Instagram dudes have noticed something is wrong. Good!

And they fixed it with an app update that came quickly. But partially. They only brought back the ability to add a picture from a photo album. But is that enough?

Sure, Instagram is now […]Read more


All eyes are now focuses on the background story behind the acquisition turmoil instagram went through. Not mentioning the new polemical privacy policy story…

Well…. the real story is happening around the app itself. Instagram has recently made a update to the beloved app which is enraging the users. De facto its quality score (the Appsfire App score) has crashed to the lowest level (11, meaning very bad) – down from 97 [a near all time high!]

IMG 0538

For the record the App score is a quality score computed every day which is looking at quality signals and parameters like the consistency of the reviews, mentions on twitter, Facebook blogs….

Instagram right now does not have […]Read more