Andy Baio has a very thoughtful piece on how the App Stores (plural) could gain by adding a true social layer and help users find better apps for them.

Andy is right. Very little has been done to change the rules.

All the updates we’re seeing with the App store are about preserving the same model based predominently on editorial curation. Even IOS8 is mostly about cosmetic changes and not about a deep revamp that will change the rules. Andy is suggesting to add some identity layer, a way to follow users, get the recommendation from your friends and organizing a feed of information in the App store the same way Apple tried to build it for music and Ping (but with a failed implementation).

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Skype promised a few days ago to roll out a new version. Today they announced it was available. Except it’s not. 

Here is what seems to have happened. On June 9, Skype announced Skype 5.0 for iPhone would be released soon. Promising.

They seem to have pulled the current version, which caused people not being able to find Skype on the App store and downloading instead “Skype Wifi” their other app in mass making it jump to top 25 rank out of nowhere.


Causing frustration of all their new potential users, thinking it was Skype.


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Appsfire is making the news in a few outlets. Enjoy the reading!

> We’re happy to have been selected top 25 startups by the prestigious EBG (electronic business group) which is a major french association including all the large internet players in France

Live EBG

> Apple seems to have reduced the access the charts to only 150 top rank (vs top 300). Bug or intention? Appstatics our tool to browse the app store metrics is now valuable more than ever and is quoted by Techcrunch. (more on 9to5, […]Read more


Since we announced we would remove Appsfire from the App store and Play Store and would focus on mobile ad technologies and services we got a lot of questions from users about our position about appstatics, our developer app for tracking App store metrics.

Well here it is: we’re going to double down on Appstatics.

Appstatics is very much loved by developers.

Goodbye Ranky. AppStatics is the shit.

— Ze'ev Rosenstein (@thafman) December 10, 2013


Appstatics fits perfectly our mission to better serve developers market their app in a modern age. And we want to make it always better. Today we’re happy to introduce a new version of Appstatics including the long awaited top grossing ranks.

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That’s it! Last year in Nov 19th 2012, we announced here the App store had approved 1 million apps. And it took a little over a year to reach 1 million apps live in the App store [which we just announced]

Appsfire Blog On app discovery 11

Out of those 413k were optimized for the iPad (either universal or iPad specific). 1.4m Apps have ever been approved by Apple to date (for comparison 881k apps are live on the Play Store and 1.17m have been approved]

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