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The internet has been available to all for the past 20 years or so. However, the masses have only started flocking to it a decade ago thanks to ubiquitous high speed internet access, within the confines of the office, at home, from the desktops or laptops, the unmobile devices. Since then, the audience has become massive, giving advertising the eyeballs it badly needs to start spreading those banners all over the content: top of the page, skyscraper verticals, or unashamed overlays. Advertising online has become more subtle, complicated, convoluted, by ways of cookies, those breadcrumbs we leave behind us and saying so much about our digital whereabouts… we have gone far beyond the very first banner ad published on in […]Read more


With all the commotion and confusion (cf. the appgratis case, Appshopper last year), we wanted to reiterate and clarify how Appsfire works. Some have raised legitimate questions about us and our future, while others will also start imagining things. First and foremost, let’s review what Appsfire is all about:

The Appsfire app is a non-paid app discovery service. 100% of the apps we recommend within our app are not ads. We built a solution with users in mind, over three years, with four major iterations.

Appsfire makes a living out providing developers with marketing services. Promoting third-party apps is one of them. When we […]Read more


We wanted to address a topic we re often asked about, but that is not very well understood in our industry.

App discovery is a jungle but it does not mean every single service that labels itself “app discovery” operates by the same rules.

You can find two categories of discovery services: paid discovery services and unpaid discovery services.

Unpaid app store

Paid discovery services require from the app developer some sorts of financial transaction to be exposed whether upfront, fee based or revenue share based. The most famous form of paid discovery are ad networks: admob, millennial, iAd, Facebook… They get paid by developers to expose apps through ad units and then users decide to interact with those ads. But paid discovery can have some other forms like the “Free to paid” services, some […]Read more


We are so proud to have sponsored the popular tech podcast “The Talk Show” on August 24th! Host John Gruber and guest Craig Hockenberry gave their expert opinion on the Appsfire app and how it’s a more helpful user experience than traditional app-finding methods. Using a brilliant analogy to movie review site Rotten Tomatoes, John and Craig encapsulated the Appsfire experience in a way only “The Talk Show” can. We must thank them!


“The Talk Show” is available on the Mule Radio Syndicate at You can also find it by going to the iTunes store and searching “The Talk Show.” We think it’s a great way to spend an hour and a half every week catching up on all things Apple, social […]Read more


As we promised last month, we will compile a monthly App Score Report, and this is the July edition.

So what are the main movements for July?

TOP 25 Ever – iPhone – Game Move the Box, Paper Toss, Logos Quiz Game & 2 other apps left the TOP 25 Free apps. Angry Birds Games fulfills the Top 25: Angry Birds Lite (#5), Angry Birds Free (#6), Angry Birds Rio Free (#15), […]Read more