So 2011 is soon ending. And the “best of” start to blossom across the web

Nearly 300 000 news apps were published (out of which 260 000 still live) in the app store [for the curious 200k in 2010 and about 90k in 2009]. That’s a lot of new apps.

So, it’s time to look back before we look forward. The app world is getting better and better. So we took some time to review our favorites 2011 apps.

We’re not talking about updates of 2010 apps, but real new apps that were released this year.

You’ll find here a mix of gorgeous apps, sometimes very popular too (infinity blade II) and definitely some of our preferred apps which we find ourselves using very regularly. They also happen to be very popular among our community of users and highly rated in the app store.

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Hanukah, the jewish celebration, is getting close. Prepare those candles and those Dreidels, get ready for happiness. But what you really really need, are the following apps.

And there is no Hanukah without gifts. So we’re offering you 10 versions of Menorapp a great little app for this coming celebration. Just look at the comment section of this blog post and get one of the promo codes [please just comment to say which code you have used]  


And here we are! D-2 before leweb conference.

Many of you are coming from the US or all around Europe, that’s why we created an AppMix for Leweb: the best selection of apps to make the most out of the event.

You will find apps for the metro, for sharing business cards, for booking a cab, for booking a taxi and many else!

Go Get them!


We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving diner yesterday night with a very good turkey!

But today is a serious day : it’s Black Friday! We selected some applications to help you to shop online & offline, and to save a lot of money!

So have a nice shopping day, and don’t forget to open Appdeals today. Plenty of apps are FREE today for Black Friday ;-)