We are introducing a new update to Appsfire today with the App Pulse, a unique (and exquisite) source for the hottest and breaking news from the App Store as they happen.

Check out the left panel, a new tab called the App Pulse just appeared! Open it, and you will be the first to know about new apps from awesome developers, major new versions of your favorite apps, deals that nobody should miss, and lots more.

Apple launches a new app? Boom! get to know about it right away. Waze is about to get acquired by Google? Boom! be first to know about it Snapchat is launching a fix to its buggy version? Boom! get your fix [well, when they do it…]

Every time you see an orange little dot on the header, […]Read more


We introduced a new design on App Deals 2.1 and the Price Alert on App Deals 2.2 and you loved them, so we are happy to introduce them to Appsfire 3.3 with some other improvements such as a better app detection and history in My Apps.


After designing the iPad version of Appsfire & App Deals, and redesigning the iPhone version of App Deals, it’s Appsfire for iPhone’s turn to be updated!


Like App Deals, Appsfire now allows you to set a price alert on the paid app you want. Just track as many apps as you’d like !

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We are thrilled to announced the release of App Deals 2.2 with awesome new features requested by our users (and some of our own)! Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

How can I find out when the apps I’ve had my eye on are on sale? Is a free app really free or do I have to pay something once I download it? How can I see only the new deals in the streams?

The answers, respectively: Price Alert, SUPERFREE & Filter “New”.

Price Alert

Everybody has his eye on some apps which he can’t afford to buy or which are too expensive. However, you may not have time to check the App Store everyday to see if the app goes on sale.

Now App Deals takes care of this for […]Read more


Lots of great stuff coming from Appsfire this week. Version 3.1 of our Android app, 2 newly Universal apps, 1 new iOS app. The only thing we’re missing is a partridge in a pear tree.

Let’s start with our newest app, Logostream. We debuted this app at LeWeb last week. Check out the video…


We all know that there are far too many apps in the App Store, and simplifying the App Store/Android Market has always been at the heart of our platform. With Logostream, we’ve filtered the App Store to identify the apps from top brands. And it’s dead simple: fire it up and start browsing by brand. Maybe you’re a fan of Coca Cola…



When you find the brand you’re looking for, check out […]Read more


Appsfire as a project started over 24 months ago. At the time, iOS was already fairly developed, but User Interfaces rarely erred outside of the recommended guidelines (also by fear of not being approved), except for games where everything goes. Apple had polished and optimized the vertical scrollable view (UITableView for our Cocoa readers), and effectively entrenched this browsing mode as the golden standard for long lists of objects, which remains, to this date, a perfect way to browse lists of strings, augmented with the occasional icon and corollary information.

This UI/UX element was fine for us back then. After all, the initial version of the Appsfire app for iOS (up to v2.0) just needed to present its users with a long list of applications to share or browse, all of which had a title name, an icon, and a category. In fact, this is also how the iTunes App […]Read more