We are introducing a new update to Appsfire today with the App Pulse, a unique (and exquisite) source for the hottest and breaking news from the App Store as they happen.

Check out the left panel, a new tab called the App Pulse just appeared! Open it, and you will be the first to know about new apps from awesome developers, major new versions of your favorite apps, deals that nobody should miss, and lots more.

Apple launches a new app? Boom! get to know about it right away. Waze is about to get acquired by Google? Boom! be first to know about it Snapchat is launching a fix to its buggy version? Boom! get your fix [well, when they do it…]

Every time you see an orange little dot on the header, […]Read more


With all the commotion and confusion (cf. the appgratis case, Appshopper last year), we wanted to reiterate and clarify how Appsfire works. Some have raised legitimate questions about us and our future, while others will also start imagining things. First and foremost, let’s review what Appsfire is all about:

The Appsfire app is a non-paid app discovery service. 100% of the apps we recommend within our app are not ads. We built a solution with users in mind, over three years, with four major iterations.

Appsfire makes a living out providing developers with marketing services. Promoting third-party apps is one of them. When we […]Read more


2012 has been a tremendous year at Appsfire and we wanted to share some key figures with you:


9 million downloads of our App (mostly on iOS) 50,000 ratings in the App store  across all stores (with an average of 5 stars in many stores like USA), and lots lots lots of super Reviews / Videos Reviews 25,000 direct user feedbacks sent to Appsfire Well over 1.5 million users interact daily with Appsfire Well over 11k Twitter followers on @appsfire and 1 mention every 3 minutes on average 1.5 billion app recommendations to date (i.e. total number of apps discovered on Appsfire) 100 million download intents to date Our promoted apps […]Read more


You can be a very popular app but unappreciated. This has been the case for Facebook for many years, until recently .

This seem to be the case now for Twitter. The attention ported to Twitter to its mobile apps (iPhone and iPad) just does not cut it with users.

We ran a little study on the history of different versions: we compared the evolution of its app score (Appsfire’s own quality score) to its ranking in the App Store.

The conclusion is simple: the quality of the app keeps getting worse and worse. Although a late update yesterday has finally stopped the bleeding. You can see the evolution in the graph below.

The App score of Twitter went down to as low as “10” [meaning Cr-app-y in our own terms]

PastedGraphic 5 tiff

What […]Read more