More and more we see app developers claiming They got millions of downloads in just a few days or weeks. That’s great. But really this is meaningless.

Music Streaming App Songza Surpasses 1 Million iOS Downloads In 10 Days | TechCrunch

Download number mean nothing in the app world. Especially if you are a Free app. The only meaningful parameters is usage and stickiness. There is nothing wrong to brag about downloads and even rankings but that only matters if you are able to associate it with some context

Did you get featured by Apple? That usually has some impact. It can generate hundreds of thousands of downloads in a few days and will place you in the top 100 rank regardless of what […]Read more


Yes. We heard about Facebook app center. We read the news. But a lot of critical information and questions have been ignored. So we’re going to ask and lay out a few points here:


Words With Friends App Center 1

Facebook app center is NOT an app store: an app store means hosting apps, enabling delivery/download and transaction. Facebook App Center is a layer pointing to App Store apps App center ships with 600 apps “only”: how many are native mobile apps vs. actual Facebook web apps? There are tens of thousands of mobile apps using Facebook as a login. Why are they not listed? Facebook is said to point 83 […]Read more