We all know the numbers. Tens of billions of downloads, Millions of apps, Billions of dollars spent on Apps. The mobile app economy is huge and growing.

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But this is blinding App store operators. Growth does not mean that the solutions and platforms in place are good enough. Actually because the market is growing so fast, it is more than likely App store operators they are doing just fine.

They are not. They could be a lot better.

App store Inefficiencies

Users complain of the App stores experience.  Developers complain of discovery and back office management. Most Apps downloaded are never used or forgotten (Recent study on this) Most developers […]Read more


Real life scenario

You receive a flyer at home with a special discount on Jack Daniels at your favorite store. 50% off today. You arrive at the store. You look at the shelf price of your upcoming alcoholic beverage. It displays the 50% off sticker. Cool!



Hmm…Wait. You’re looking closer and the actual price is not 50% but the regular price you normally pay. You’re upset and you contact the store manager to find out what’s going on.

Does this scenario sounds familiar? Probably not. Why?  Because in the world of retail there are rules and regulations about promotions, discounts and advertising.

You can’t just organize fake discounts and claim it is is a cool discount to […]Read more


You probably saw this type of tweet, or self congratulation message in your timeline or mentioned around you. “we’re number 1 free app in the App store!”

Twitter dkomobile congrats to Zynga publishing

Good for you developers, if this has ever happened to you. Except there is absolutely nothing to really be proud of.

Hitting a top 10 rank is something that can easily be gamed or purchased – and it can’t be considered as a performance in itself.

What matters is the context of your rank and its consistency

Some developers have such a strong footprint in the app store that no matter what they launch, their app will reach a high rank instantly: that would typically be the case for any new app launched by mega developers like […]Read more


There is a tradition in the web world to manage your PR with a time bomb effect called embargo: you reached out early – prior to your launch –  to some publication and ask not to publish before a certain time. Many bloggers and journalists hate them

App Discovery is driven a lot by PR. Developers know it. In the App Store world, more than in the web world, PR embargos is something a developer logically want because it will supposedly create a momentum effect and a spike of downloads in a very short period of time is what makes an app pop up in the top ranks – and many believe – still – that this is what matters. The problem? it hardly works because nearly no developer knows well enough the inner mechanics of the App store and App ecosystem to […]Read more


In theory the new iTunes 11 should not have a major impact for mobile app developers. Why? because the vast majority of downloads are not made from the computer but from the mobile. Right in the App store App. But developers can’t ignore the changes that just took place in iTunes 11. Why? because iTunes on the computer is still generating massive traffic and a lot of the discovery is made on the computer (take for example the impact of blogs when you launch a new app on Rankings). It is also still used massively by mobile app developers and other professionals as they work.

So how good are those changes for Mobile app developers?

Well at first iTunes 11 seems cleaner in the design, but the key structure of the app store is not […]Read more