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The internet has been available to all for the past 20 years or so. However, the masses have only started flocking to it a decade ago thanks to ubiquitous high speed internet access, within the confines of the office, at home, from the desktops or laptops, the unmobile devices. Since then, the audience has become massive, giving advertising the eyeballs it badly needs to start spreading those banners all over the content: top of the page, skyscraper verticals, or unashamed overlays. Advertising online has become more subtle, complicated, convoluted, by ways of cookies, those breadcrumbs we leave behind us and saying so much about our digital whereabouts… we have gone far beyond the very first banner ad published on in […]Read more


Remember: the leaderboard position does not mean much. What’s critical is the context: how did an app get to the top ranks? 

Techcrunch and TheNextWeb were quick in spotting that Facebook Poke, the Snapchat clone, got to #1 in the USA. To be accurate, Facebook Poke got to actually #1 in nearly every many countries but not all of them. European and asian countries, but still with a high Rank. And Snapchat beats Facebook Poke in terms of Quality perception in our App score (87 vs 86)


ClouDrop 22 déc 2012 20 46 13 png 1

The real […]Read more



Facebook was the typical  example of app we gave to illustrate that a popular app is not necessarily a good app. It was highly downloaded, ranked but poorly engineered and designed on standards that were not optimal for iOS (hmtl5). Our App score rating (quality rank for app) was very low: 32. Meaning Bad.

The app was slow, slow, slow. Users were always complaining about it.  We officially asked Facebook to build a new app, before even getting to build a mobile phone.

But yesterday Facebook released a new app. It is highly appreciated. Our App score detected that, in a few hours. Many signals started to appear both in and […]Read more


Yes. We heard about Facebook app center. We read the news. But a lot of critical information and questions have been ignored. So we’re going to ask and lay out a few points here:


Words With Friends App Center 1

Facebook app center is NOT an app store: an app store means hosting apps, enabling delivery/download and transaction. Facebook App Center is a layer pointing to App Store apps App center ships with 600 apps “only”: how many are native mobile apps vs. actual Facebook web apps? There are tens of thousands of mobile apps using Facebook as a login. Why are they not listed? Facebook is said to point 83 […]Read more


Facebook is rumored to create a mobile phone. It just does not make sense that such a media company would invest so much time, and resources in building hardware or even in licensing existing hardware to build a phone.

Facebook has a 2 critical problems to solve on mobile. 2 only:  app performance, app monetization. The first one being massive.

Facebook already has the critical mobile reach. This is already the most downloaded free iPhone app ever. But clearly not the most appreciated. They have massive reach of DAU/MAU (daily recurring users for simple humans)

Right now Facebook problem on mobile by far is the performance of its mobile app. It is one of the worst mobile app ever […]Read more