Appbooster, our Marketing and Engagement toolkit for apps is taking marks in the app landscape. It is used by 500 (great) apps live in the App store /Google Play store. Reaching well over 60 million unique users (up from 35m in January) and 30 million monthly active users. 

Today we’re adding another great reason to use Appbooster (soon to be called Appsfire Engage) on a daily basis by introducing a great new way to track, monitor and analyze your app store ratings and reviews.

App Booster SDK by Appsfire 2

We invented and launched a great feedback system specific to native apps. So far we helped developers collect over 2 million […]Read more


So Google is now letting (some) Developers answer to users review. Most think this is a good idea and even call Apple to do the same thing. But this is not the right problem to solve. The problem is not the review system being frozen (and gameable). The problem is the lack of discipline of most developers to collect and address feedback


ITunes 4

Here is what we answered on the Post of TheNextWeb today


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