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The internet has been available to all for the past 20 years or so. However, the masses have only started flocking to it a decade ago thanks to ubiquitous high speed internet access, within the confines of the office, at home, from the desktops or laptops, the unmobile devices. Since then, the audience has become massive, giving advertising the eyeballs it badly needs to start spreading those banners all over the content: top of the page, skyscraper verticals, or unashamed overlays. Advertising online has become more subtle, complicated, convoluted, by ways of cookies, those breadcrumbs we leave behind us and saying so much about our digital whereabouts… we have gone far beyond the very first banner ad published on in […]Read more


We wanted to address a topic we re often asked about, but that is not very well understood in our industry.

App discovery is a jungle but it does not mean every single service that labels itself “app discovery” operates by the same rules.

You can find two categories of discovery services: paid discovery services and unpaid discovery services.

Unpaid app store

Paid discovery services require from the app developer some sorts of financial transaction to be exposed whether upfront, fee based or revenue share based. The most famous form of paid discovery are ad networks: admob, millennial, iAd, Facebook… They get paid by developers to expose apps through ad units and then users decide to interact with those ads. But paid discovery can have some other forms like the “Free to paid” services, some […]Read more


Chris Dixon has a point when he analyses that Google is more efficient at monetizing AdWords than Facebook monetizing display ads despite a much greater number of page views. We believe that the Appsfire model binds very well with that argument: our advertising model is directly aligned with the intent of our users.

Indeed, Appsfire has had a steady consumer value proposition since the beginning: help our users navigate the abysmal depths of the various app catalogs, you know the app stores, now stocked with over 1 million apps… Our app advertising is inherently 100% aligned with the mindset of our users. The essence of the user experience inside the Appsfire apps is about organic and algorithmic app discovery, while a tiny tiny fraction of […]Read more