Yesterday we introduced the brand new version of Appstatics with a great new feature: App Infographics. Appstatics is adding another string to its bow and it’s now even easier to track and share the performance of your app.



App Infographics

Appstatics is the simplest and most powerful tool to track the performance of your apps (or your competitors’) anywhere you are: You can check the App Store rankings, the App Score, user ratings, and what we call the App Timeline.

But what’s the point having a successful app if you can’t share all those figures?

We imagined a great new feature which will create automatically a gorgeous report of your app in real-time: App Infographics. In a beautiful and sleek infographic, you can now find a nice summary […]Read more


All app developers know it: it is hard to get discovered. But it will get worse before it gets better. Why? because there is more and more apps and because the native discovery mechanism built in the App Store are limited.

Rankings – regarded as the most popular discovery mechanism – are limited and gamed: as we saw recently many companies are using different systems through bots and or incentives to reach top rankings. And many companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to reach the App Store top visibility.

But really. How many different apps get really discovered through what is considered to be the TOP 25 rankings?

This is what we (Appsfire) wanted to find out. We surveyed all the […]Read more


Well, well!

Black Friday has reached even the app store. After all, the app store is a store like any other stores.

But it is not easy to realize how intense is the “black friday”, because there is no “Special Sales” section to discover those “deals” in the App store.  But those of you who browse the app store have probably noticed an unusual amount of apps that have shifted their price for the week end, probably in order to generate more attention, downloads, ratings or simply just say “thanks” to App downloaders. Developers use “price shifting” all the time. But Black Friday sees a logical acceleration.

So we decided to take a closer look. As a matter of fact, we constantly take a closer look in order to bring you the best […]Read more