Hello new Sushi Ads


Back in November 2013, we introduced Sushi on iOS, our first native and full screen ad unit. It was our own version of what native ad should be and feel like on mobile. Since then, we released other ad units: Uramaki, Sashimi and Udon Noodle.

Today, we are pleased to announce a completely revamped Sushi for the Appsfire iOS SDK. This evolution improves the previous one on many aspects: this new Sushi displays vibrant colors, stunning retina assets and ultra fluid animations in an interstitial way. We can’t deliver our secret sauce here, but trust our words, two different apps can’t have the exact same Sushi design.

This all new revamped Sushi is available in our latest iOS SDK 2.4, released today on our dashboard. Review our documentation and be sure to check our notes on [...]Read more


All eyes are now focuses on the background story behind the acquisition turmoil instagram went through. Not mentioning the new polemical privacy policy story…

Well…. the real story is happening around the app itself. Instagram has recently made a update to the beloved app which is enraging the users. De facto its quality score (the Appsfire App score) has crashed to the lowest level (11, meaning very bad) – down from 97 [a near all time high!]

IMG 0538

For the record the App score is a quality score computed every day which is looking at quality signals and parameters like the consistency of the reviews, mentions on twitter, Facebook blogs….

Instagram right now does not have a “ranking” problem: it is still, consistently, a top 25 free app in the US and [...]Read more


As we do every month, we are happy to present you the new edition of our App Score Report, which can be considered as the quality score report of the best apps. Every month we highlight what were best apps in different categories based on a set of quality parameters, regardless of their rank.

TOP 25 Ever – iPhone – Game

Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time (Disney) and 2 other apps left the TOP 25 Free apps. Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas (Disney) and 2 other apps enters the TOP 25 Free apps. FIFA 11 by EA SPORTS™ and Scramble With Friends left the TOP 25 Paid apps. FIFA 11 becomes obsolete with the launch of FIFA 13 Temple Run: Brave (launched in June) enters the TOP 25

TOP 25 Ever – [...]Read more


As we promised last month, we will compile a monthly App Score Report, and this is the July edition.

So what are the main movements for July?

TOP 25 Ever – iPhone – Game Move the Box, Paper Toss, Logos Quiz Game & 2 other apps left the TOP 25 Free apps. Angry Birds Games fulfills the Top 25: Angry Birds Lite (#5), Angry Birds Free (#6), Angry Birds Rio Free (#15), Angry Birds Seasons Free (#21). SCRABBLE left the Top 25 Paid apps and its App Score dropped from 96 to 12! The new update really upset users. TOP 25 Ever – iPhone – Non Game Evernote and Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes & 2 other apps left the Top 25 Free apps. [...]Read more


Yes. We heard about Facebook app center. We read the news. But a lot of critical information and questions have been ignored. So we’re going to ask and lay out a few points here:


Words With Friends App Center 1

Facebook app center is NOT an app store: an app store means hosting apps, enabling delivery/download and transaction. Facebook App Center is a layer pointing to App Store apps App center ships with 600 apps “only”: how many are native mobile apps vs. actual Facebook web apps? There are tens of thousands of mobile apps using Facebook as a login. Why are they not listed? Facebook is said to point 83 million users in last month to the app store: unique users? from which country? [...]Read more